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Brinken: U.S. participation in Africa’s infrastructure investment is not because of the CCP | Infrastructure | Nigeria

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[EpochTimesNovember192021](Epoch Times reporter Gao Shan comprehensive report) U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken stated on Thursday (November 18) that the U.S.’s involvement in Africa’s infrastructure construction was not due to the CCP, but It is to improve the level of local infrastructure, while avoiding the heavy debt burden of African countries (because of the Chinese Communist Party).

While visiting Nigeria, the most populous country in Africa, Brinken was asked about the competition between the United States and China in infrastructure investment on the African continent. In recent years, the CCP has expanded its influence in Africa through these investments.

Brinken said the United States hopes to “compete up” in infrastructure investment in Africa.

At a press conference held with Nigeria’s Minister of Foreign Affairs Geoffrey Onyeama (Geoffrey Onyeama), Brinken said: “When it comes to investment in infrastructure, I want to reiterate that this is in line with China’s It doesn’t matter (the CCP) or any other country, it’s the kind of situation where we want to see the upward competition in investment.”

Brinken said that China’s investment in Africa is a good thing in principle, but African countries should not be burdened with “unrepayable huge debts.” He also stated that workers’ rights, environmental protection and anti-corruption measures should also be put in place.

He also added that the developed countries of the Group of Seven will invest in Africa as part of the so-called “Build Back Better World” initiative.

On Thursday, Brinken and Onyeama signed a US$2.17 billion development aid plan. He also stated that Washington will continue to invest in Nigeria’s security field.

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Beijing is one of Nigeria’s main bilateral lenders and has provided funds for the development of Nigeria’s roads, railways and natural gas pipelines. The Nigerian Public Debt Office revealed on its website that as of March 2020, the debt owed to the CCP was US$3.121 billion, accounting for 3.94% of the country’s total public debt.

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