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Britain is considering a diplomatic boycott of the Beijing Winter Olympics | British Prime Minister Johnson | Biden

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[Epoch Times November 20, 2021](Epoch Times reporter Chen Ting comprehensive report) According to a report in The Times, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is considering a diplomatic boycott of the Beijing Winter Olympics in protest against the CCP’s human rights record.

According to the report, there is “active discussion” within the British government, and the new foreign minister Liz Truss (Hong Kong translation Zhuohuisi) is said to be in favor of a boycott.

“Tlas took a tougher stance than her predecessor, Dominic Raab (Hong Kong translated Lan Taowen), and privately accused Beijing of persecuting Uyghur Muslims and committing genocide,” the report said. (Link)

Profile photo of the new British Foreign Minister Liz Truss. (TOLGA AKMEN/AFP via Getty Images)

The Times added that one of the boycott schemes is that the British minister will not participate in the Olympics, but the ambassador to China will participate.

After meeting with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau at the White House on Thursday, U.S. President Joe Biden confirmed that the U.S. is considering a diplomatic boycott of the Winter Olympics when answering questions from the media.

According to The Times, five Conservative Party politicians have written to Johnson, urging him to ban any official British diplomatic representative from participating in the Winter Olympics in February next year.

On Thursday, the “Politicshome” website published an editorial by former Conservative Party leader Smith (Iain Duncan Smith). This politician with nearly 30 years of parliamentary qualifications strongly urged the British government to declare its opposition to the Winter Olympics. There will be a diplomatic boycott. (Link)

Smith wrote: “From forced sterilization to large-scale detention camps and forced labor, the actions of the Chinese government in the Uyghur region are reminiscent of the darkest chapter of the 20th century.”

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He pointed out that the CCP regime’s human rights violations in the Uyghur region have been declared by experts and parliaments around the world to constitute genocide and crimes against humanity.

“Under this background, it is unthinkable that the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics will continue to be held normally.” Smith said, “Any British government official participating in the Olympics will become an accomplice of the Chinese Communist Party’s propaganda machine.”

He said: “The British government must set an example for President Biden and announce a diplomatic boycott of the Beijing Olympics.”

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