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British and French leaders call the US media for the first time after the submarine turmoil: the atmosphere is “cold”|France|Macron|Johnson_Sina Military_Sina.com

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Original title: British and French leaders call the US media for the first time after the submarine turmoil: the atmosphere is “cold”

  [编译/观察者网 童黎]Following the call between the US and French presidents, French President Macron and British Prime Minister Johnson also called on the 24th, but the atmosphere was “cold” by foreign media. The Prime Minister of Australia has not waited for this opportunity.

According to a Reuters report on September 24, the French President’s Office stated that Macron and Johnson had a phone call on the 24th. Johnson told Macron that Britain hopes to resume cooperation with France.

A French government source told the BBC that the call was made at Johnson’s request.

A few days ago, Johnson also called France “calm down” and gave the US and Australian allies a chance to rest. He and other leaders were “a bit surprised by the reaction to France”: “We all want to contact Paris, everyone wants to contact Paris. Paris, trying to solve the problem.”

Now, the European version of the US current political media “Politician News Network” uses “coldness” to evaluate the atmosphere of the conversation between the two.

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The French President’s Office issued a statement saying, “Johnson stated that he intends to restore cooperation between France and the United Kingdom based on our values ​​and common interests”, including areas such as climate, Indo-Pacific and counter-terrorism. Macron’s response was, “Waiting for his proposal.”

The article believes that this is a sign of the long-lasting indifference between the two countries, which also shows that France believes that Johnson should use action to speak. In contrast, the British statement on the call clearly adopted a more “cooperative” and “respectful” tone.

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A Downing Street spokesperson said that the two sides discussed “a series of issues of mutual interest” and “reaffirmed the importance of Anglo-French relations, and agreed to continue to cooperate closely on our common agenda through NATO and bilateral relations on a global scale.”

After the French President spoke with the leaders of the United States and Britain, the “Sydney Morning Herald” stated on the 25th that France currently has no immediate plans to resume diplomatic relations with Australia.

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Australian media reported on the 23rd that Australian Prime Minister Morrison admitted that Macron is not answering his calls now and may not answer his calls for a period of time.

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“Biden expressed a’mutually tacit apology’ to Macron. The French ambassador to the United States will return to the United States next week. However, France has not announced any plans for the ambassador to return to Canberra. This shows that the Morrison administration is calming down Macron. There is still more work to be done in terms of the anger and the restoration of normal diplomatic relations.” The Sydney Morning Herald wrote.

Morrison told reporters in Washington that he would not apologize for Australia’s search for the best submarine technology, even if it offended France.

On September 15, the United States, Britain and Australia jointly announced the formation of a new Indo-Pacific security alliance “AUKUS” to further share defense capabilities, including helping Australia obtain nuclear-powered attack submarines. This also led to the cancellation of a controversial plan to build 12 French-designed submarines for Australia at a cost of 66 billion US dollars.

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French Foreign Minister Le Drian angrily denounced this as “behind the knife,” and at Macron’s request, he decided to recall the ambassador to the United States and Australia, and the ministerial visit between Britain and France was also cancelled.

According to a report by the Washington Post on the 23rd, after the submarine contract was cancelled, Pierre Éric Pommellet, chief executive of the French defense contractor Naval Group, told the French newspaper Le Figaro that it would be in the next few weeks. Send the bill to Canberra. The breach of contract fee plus the over $1 billion allegedly spent in the design phase will be a huge sum.


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