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British media: Australia expelled Djokovic for absurd reasons, the world’s first book had different choices but did not comply – yqqlm

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Original title: British media: Australia expelled Djokovic for absurd reasons, the world’s first book had different choices but did not comply

On January 15th, Beijing time, “Daily Mail” columnist Martin Samuel wrote an article commenting on the chaotic situation Djokovic encountered in his trip to Melbourne. He points out that this is an avoidable, uninstructive mess. Australia doesn’t want Serbs in Melbourne, it’s overdue to make it clear. Instead, the host gave him a visa and regretted it almost immediately.

The final court proceedings are scheduled for Sunday at 9 a.m. local time. As always, Djokovic will not give up without a fight. However, even his expensively assembled legal team led by Nick Wood SC is no guarantee of victory this time around. Australia gave its immigration minister near-absolute powers, and Hawke spent a lot of time making the decision to revoke Djokovic’s visa, however, if Djokovic is doomed to fail in his fight against unwavering state power, Please don’t forget who brought us here. Djokovic wants to play in Australia, but he doesn’t want to play by Australian rules. He is a seeker of truth, but does not seem to yield to it completely. He is pursuing justice and the interests of society while retaining the right to do as he pleases.

So while the past week hasn’t been great from a border to government governance perspective, it’s been worse for the world‘s best tennis players and the unvaccinated masses. What Djokovic had hoped would be seen as a principled stance collapsed because his justification for being shortlisted had collapsed. He made public appearances when he was supposed to be quarantined, lying on his application that he had not traveled. Everything is messed up. Djokovic went from ostensibly the innocent victim of Australia’s cold, faceless immigration system to a tourist who wanted to play with it. Play with your fame and get special treatment. For most people, this is scary.

“What else can this man do?” he pleaded with the sympathetic Justice Kelly earlier this week. But he could have done a lot. He could have stayed at home when he contracted the new coronavirus and tested positive for the nucleic acid. He could have been wearing a mask. He could have been responsible for filling out, or at least overseeing, his immigration forms, avoiding the census. On top of that, like 97% of people, he could have been vaccinated as required by Australia, or quarantined like some, he chose the other path and it was the one that let the plot spiral out of control.

The government’s mistake was not seeing what was coming. They don’t realize that when they exclude the most prominent anti-vaccine on the planet, they risk his presence dividing their communities. That’s what Minister Hawke seems to have finally come to, and what Djokovic suggested this weekend. After all, as argued yesterday, there is no evidence that if Djokovic leaves the country, the voice or wave of anti-vaccination will diminish.

The damage done to regional Australia by the Djokovic affair has been done and many will almost certainly still protest on his behalf. Many will take to the streets to become protesters, but the silent majority is even more terrifying. These are the candidates Prime Minister Scott Morrison needs for re-election. The damage caused by Djokovic’s mistakes and deceit, whether intentional or not, is something he cannot ignore.

Against this backdrop, Djokovic will enter the “third round” against the federal court on Sunday. Both parties are convinced that they represent the truth. However, whether Djokovic wins or loses, reputation-wise, he looks lost.Return to Sohu, see more


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