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Broadcast dates on Sat.1 and Joyn – all the information you need to tune in

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Broadcast dates on Sat.1 and Joyn – all the information you need to tune in

After a four-year break, a new “Big Brother” season started in 2024. We’ll tell you who the residents are and where you have to tune in.

Big Brother

The first “Big Brother” season since 2020 has begun. Joyn and Sat.1 provide insights into the container and introduced candidates. The new rooms are relatively narrow and very spartan, but not really uncomfortable. They have a basic budget of 2 euros per day per resident for food, which they can double with the task of the week. Every week a boss is chosen for the container, who can then settle disputes and ration the food. 10 kilometers of cable ensures we can see all of it.

Click here for the live stream on Joyn

A total of around 8,000 people applied to be able to move into a slightly different type of shared apartment. While there were only 16, there are now 17 people 20 and 55 years become those who take the risk.

“Big Brother” start: 17 people move into the container

Since then March 4, 2024 It starts with 17 people who are not celebrities. But they can also take home 100,000 euros at the end, but in order to do so they have to stay in Big Brother’s home for 100 days. On March 1st, Sat.1 introduced the residents to the press, including the 29-year-old Frauke, who comes from Berlin and quit her job in the human resources department for “Big Brother”. Or Mateo46, from Wuppertal, who promised his grandmother in 2000 that he would one day be seen in the house. Tanja, nickname Taube, 55 years old, from Hildesheim, has a nailing studio and also works in the diaconate with children; But she doesn’t want to clean up after the others in the container like a mother. And also Christian, 26, from Essen is there. He eats healthily, works out a lot and has his own clearing company. He has to vomit from mushrooms and he still lives with his mother, which could have stressful consequences for Tanja.

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You can see all the residents in this picture gallery:

Sat.1 has put together a colorful group of nine women and eight men of different ages and different professions, in which not everyone will definitely get along. But it was possible to keep the season free of influencers; in other words, according to Sat.1, they are really “normal” people. You can watch these 17 people live on Monday from 7:15 p.m.

“Big Brother live: The move in”: broadcast dates on Joyn and on TV

  • Am March 4th es from 7:15 p.m live on Joy’s Watch the “warm-up” show in which Jochen Schropp shows you the rooms. Then started on Sat.1 at 8:15 p.m. on TV and on Joyn die first live show “The Entry”. You can watch it all in replays on the stream.
  • Afterwards, the 24-hour live stream started on Joyn from 8:15 p.m.
  • Am 5. March start the daily summaries on Joyn, which is there daily can be seen from 9:00 p.m.
  • The format-experienced moderator Schropp will then also appear weekly under the title “Big Brother live: The decision” host other TV shows that focus on nominations, highlights and excerpts. Find these always on Mondays on Joyn and Sat.1 instead of.
  • From then on March 11th at 10:55 p.m starts this weekly format Sat.1. In an emergency, the residents have to stay in the container for 100 days.
  • You can follow everything else daily in the live stream on Joyn.
  • Note: You can watch everything for free except for the 24-hour live stream. For the live stream you need a premium subscriptionwhich you can test for free.
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Completely normal BB shared apartment life in spring 2024: the dream came true for 16 people. © Seven.One

As with the celebrity version last year, you don’t have to pay anything extra for the live stream, but you can watch it with the normal subscription fees for Joyn, which are currently 6.99 euros per month. You can watch the fun for free for seven days as part of the trial period. Joyn also offers you online TV and as the additional cost privilege is no longer applicable, the provider could also be interesting for everyday life beyond “Big Brother”. If you are looking for alternatives to your cable connection, we recommend that you take a look at this article:

Reading tips

Kristina Kielblock

The last Normalo Big Brother season started in the Corona year 2020. We want to wish those moving in, just as we wish for this year, that no disasters occur outside the container. This quiz can show you what personal skills people in the Big Brother container still need, in which you compare yourself with the participants of the last season 2020 in a character quiz:

Big Brother 2020 Quiz: Which BB resident from this season are you?

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