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Brothers football match: a tie makes people happy-Vatican News

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The World Organization of Roma team and the Pope’s football team-the brothers’ team held a friendly match on November 21 at the Lazio Sports Association Training Center. A friendly game with happy moments, in the mark of respect for differences, to fight inequality and prejudice together.

(Vatican News Network)The Pope’s football team “Brothers” and “World Roma” team held the “Brothers” match at the Lazio Sports Association Training Center near Rome on November 21, aiming to fight against rejection through football , Racism and poverty. In the game of the day, the two sides drew 7 to 7. The members of the “Brothers Team” include: Swiss guards, priests, Vatican staff and their children, as well as a young athlete from the “Special Olympics International” and two immigrants who have been received by the Saint Ezide group.

The Pope’s football team had a weak attack in the first half, and the Croatian team had the advantage in technology and the game, ending the first half of the game 5-1. In the second half of the match, the Croatian team was physically weak, allowing the “brothers team” to catch up and a tie. Each half of this friendly match is 30 minutes, and the referee is Lazio captain Ciro Immobile.

The president of the Vatican Athletes Association, Giampaolo Mattei, commented to this news network at the end of the game, “This is an event conducted in accordance with the rules of the’brethren’. The game is not about calculating who scores more goals and who plays more beautifully, but about a football match with friendship.” Matthew is also one of the partners of this initiative. He said, “I think there were no fouls or violations in the whole match. In the penalty kick, the players’ attitudes were very gentle. Therefore, they were not hostile to each other. Sports can be done”.

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