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Brussels, what is known about the subway attack alarm

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Brussels, what is known about the subway attack alarm

BRUSSELS. I risk attacks on the Brussels metro, as in 2016. Be careful and behave accordingly. The United States embassy in Belgium warns its citizens with an official alert issued in the early hours of the morning.

“The police have strengthened security in response to the threat of a possible attack on the subway that will take place today, March 8”, the message issued by the US diplomatic headquarters. US citizens are advised to “caution” and advised to avoid crowds, crowded places and “refer to our website for the latest warnings and messages for US citizens”.

From Belgium they try to reassure. Stib, the company responsible for local public transport, says that an attack “is unlikely”, but as a precaution, the police have increased their vigilance. The presence on lines 2 and 6 of the underground network was enhanced, in particular between the Roger and Yser stops.

In the afternoon, the European Commission, they report in Brussels, also received a mail message “written in Russian” threatening an attack for today. The message was immediately forwarded to the Belgian authorities, who took it “seriously” into consideration.

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