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Bulgaria, polls open for the presidential ballot. Favorite the outgoing Radev

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SOFIA – In Bulgaria at 7 am (6 am Italian) the seats for the ballot of the presidential elections opened. The outgoing president Rumen Radev, supported by the socialists, was favored over the challenger Anastas Ghergikov, supported by the conservative party Gerb. Radev, 58, a retired general and former head of the Air Force, claimed 49.41% of the votes in the first round last Sunday, however not enough for victory – for which more than 50% is required. of votes and more than 50% of turnout – while Ghergikov, also 58, doctor of philological sciences and rector of the Sofia University, came second with 22.82% of the votes.

Bulgaria is a parliamentary republic and the powers of the head of state are limited and mostly representative, but nevertheless the president is elected by universal suffrage. His term of office is five years and can be renewed only once. There are approximately 6.7 million voters out of a population of just over 7.1 million inhabitants. The polls will close at 20 local time (19 Italian) and shortly after the first exit polls will be released. The new electoral round – last Sunday also the early legislative elections were voted – is held in the midst of the strong resumption of the pandemic, with the Bulgarian health system under pressure, and voting operations are carried out in compliance with anti-Covid prevention measures .


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