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Bundesliga: Sturm outclasses Austria Klagenfurt

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Bundesliga: Sturm outclasses Austria Klagenfurt

The Graz team celebrated a clear 4-0 away win in Klagenfurt on matchday 23 of the ADMIRAL Bundesliga.

The Styrians are already scoring with their first offensive action. Gregory Wüthrich finishes in the penalty area, Schumacher can clear first. However, Mika Biereth takes the early lead (4th). After a quarter of an hour, Max Besuschkow missed the equalizer despite a missed goal after a bad pass from Alexander Prass.

Biereth puts together a double pack

The Graz team, on the other hand, presented themselves effectively and took advantage of the Carinthians’ defensive weakness.

Otar Kiteishvili initially fails because of Klagenfurt goalkeeper Philip Menzel. The people of Klagenfurt then miss the attempt to clarify the matter.

Alexander Prass serves a precise cross to Biereth and the Dane heads his brace (18th).

Grazers punish Klagenfurt’s defensive weakness

Tomi Horvat then ensures that everything is clear. Kiteishvili serves Horvat with a pass into the backcourt. Horvat finishes from a central position and scores the third goal for the Styrians (23rd). Before the break, William Böving made the score 0-4 at halftime (39′) after a deep vertical pass from Jusuf Gazibegovic.

The Graz team switched to administrative mode in the second section, while the Klagenfurt team concentrated on defense. Biereth narrowly missed the hat-trick after a cross from Schnegg. In the final phase, Wimmer missed the consolation goal after a corner from close range.

Sturm Graz therefore temporarily takes the lead in the table with 26 points. Austria Klagenfurt is in fourth place in the table with 17 points.

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