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But where are you going if you don’t have Ukraine… — VILNIUS, SUMMIT OR BOTTOM?

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But where are you going if you don’t have Ukraine… — VILNIUS, SUMMIT OR BOTTOM?

But where do you go if you don’t have Ukraine…


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Francesco Toscano leads, with Giacomo Gabellini, Marco de Cousandier and Fulvio Grimaldi

Where one considers that not even Macron’s missile, which has it longer, not even the five Nazi ringleaders of Azov who, seized it in the basement, massacred the population of Mariupol, and are now being returned by Erdogan to their mission with a swastika, not even the entry of the superpower Sweden into NATO, not even the promise that so many weapons will still arrive in Ukraine to make all the members of the regime billionaires through smuggling with crime and terrorism from half the world, not even the warlike barking of the three Baltic states, not even… .

None of this restored good humor to the infuriated Volodomyr, or really advanced the Ukrainian “counter-offensive” by that mythical half kilometer on which everyone was aiming to proclaim the end of Putin. If not of the whole of Russia, reduced to regional, provincial, bourgeois fragments, as foreseen in the latest issue of the supercazzola “Limes”.

Indeed, it seems that Zelensky confided to his brilliant foreign minister Kuleba, interrupting his ejaculation – “Strategic defeat of Russia” – which he had been repeating since the glorious days of the very differently triumphant NATO summit in Madrid (2022), that he did not feel so at at ease in the yellow-blue shoes of Prime Minister Ashraf Ghani. The moment the Marines fled Kabul and he was looking for a flight to Oman.

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Well, we’re not there yet. Zelensky was able to return to Kiev, where he was warmly welcomed by a NATO that has been there since at least 2014, when he oversaw the Obama-Hillary-Nuland coup and then took matters into his own hands via the Foreign Mercenary Legion, Blackwater and miscellaneous specials.

Crying and screaming because Ukraine in Vilnius hasn’t joined NATO yet? But what is this pantomime? But if there’s nothing in Ukraine, not even airport bars and whores or toilet brushes, that isn’t NATO! Everything from toothbrush to cluster bomb to uranium bomb is NATO, all NATO, NATO trainers, NATO weapons, NATO ammunition and NATO PNRR (Recovery and Resilience be damned), NATO spies, NATO satellites, NATO rations , NATO death squads…..

Of course, the art is missing. 5 of the Atlantic Pact, the one that grabs us all, really all of us, by the throat and hurls us onto the battlefield, in the shadow of the fact that two thirds of our citizens do not want to hear about it and in the light of the fact that our sovereign governments, representing the people, they have been committed to it since 1949, without ever looking back. But there are those Poles to remedy that who have declared themselves extremely willing to honor a phantom art.5, given that Ukraine has not yet received the official stamp, and to undertake to take them from Bakhmut. Have you ever seen that in return Galicia is not returned to him, which, since the time of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, is known much more Polish than Ukrainian. Let Kiev make up for the Russians of Donbass…

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In short, after springs with a counter-offensive like a wet bowl, and now also summers, which made the “strategic defeat of Russia” announced in Madrid glimmer, we are calming down. We return to reason (as far as it is given to Americans to practice this activity). Foreign Affairs, Council of Foreign Affairs, Atlantic Council, Cato Institute, in short, all these echo chambers of those who count in the USA and in the West (like Blackrock), up to Biden, the last wheel, punctured, of the wagon, on Zelensky in NATO they said: That there? Never again!. Someone who thinks of bombing an atomic power station under the illusion that he can make people believe that the Russians who control it did it, should be put in a corner and monitored.

But it’s not even that much. After all, they started it, the leaders, believing they could convince the dazed by the pandemic that their gas pipeline was blown up by the Russians and that their dams were bombed by themselves. But the pandemic has passed and the dazed have recovered and the day after tomorrow we vote in the USA (but also in Germany, France, Spain, the world), where people have proved tired of waiting 8 months to remove a granuloma, of studying in debt to be repaid up to a pension that won’t exist, to lose the house because the variable rate has made the mortgage unpayable… While outside the window, the columns of Leopard 2 pass on the street for the counter-offensive that doesn’t exist.

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Take another breath. It began to blow from Kabul airport. It became a breeze when, also thanks to China, in the Middle East they stopped kicking each other on behalf of the USA. And you will see how it will shake the tiles, even of NATO; when in Johannesburg, at the end of August, the Five Brics will become 25, more than half the world‘s GDP.

Make that clear to the Melonsky-Crosettsky-Schleinsky synchronized swimming team.

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