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BYD there manufactured an electric clone of the Ford EcoSport

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BYD there manufactured an electric clone of the Ford EcoSport

Even though some insist on old habits, Chinese brands stopped copying international cars a long time ago. With an original design and the creation of a strong visual identity, BYD since arriving in Brazil, its cars have never been confused with those of another brand. But the brand has already produced a clone of the Ford EcoSport.

When BYD entered the compact SUV segment in 2015, the brand decided to target the segment’s creator: the Ford EcoSport. Originally launched as the BYD S1, later renamed the Yuan, the model was nothing more than a second-generation EcoSport with BYD touches and more coincidences than it seemed.

The front had its own touch of personality, with a style very different from the original model, but exaggerated and full of lines – a mark of an old visual identity that BYD no longer uses. The side had lines very similar to those of the EcoSport, but without volumes, which made the SUV appear flat.

WORLD S2 [divulgação]

But you only had to look at the rear to make it clear that it was an EcoSport from the 25th of March. The rear window connecting to the side, the design of the lights, the hanging spare tire and even the handle disguised in the rear light marked a design made in Brazil by Ford for the world, but copied by BYD.

Alma do original

Even the measurements of the first BYD Yuan and the Ford EcoSport were too close. The Brazilian model was 4.26 m long, 1.69 m high and 1.76 m wide. This made the Chinese 6 cm longer, 6 cm shorter and exactly the same width.

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WORLD S1 [divulgação]

Even the engines coincided, as BYD Yuan and Ford EcoSport used a 1.5 four-cylinder aspirated engine. The Chinese car also had a turbo variant and a fully electric variant – items never offered by the EcoSport. But the Chinese model never had a 4×4 option, unlike the Ford. The transmission was a CVT or five-speed manual.

S1, S2 and Pro

Produced since 2015, but already discontinued in China, BYD’s EcoSport has gone through a few phases. It was called S1 only during production in 2015 and 2016, migrating to the Yuan name in 2016. The S name would appear again in 2019 as the BYD S2 in a fully electric variant without a hanging spare tire (again inspired by the EcoSport).

WORLD Yuan [divulgação]

The fully electric version of the model appeared in 2018 with 305 km of autonomy following the restyling. To adapt to the new models in the Dynasty range, the BYD EcoSport received a modified front end with a much more elegant style and a front grille inspired by the Tan (combustion versions) and the Han (with a closed grille for electric vehicles).

In 2021, BYD decided to rename the model again as Yuan Pro and cut the combustion versions. Only the electric car left with a 138 hp engine and a range of 401 km. The interior only received a new multimedia center, while the front bumper changed and the rear lights received new lenses to disguise the EcoSport appearance.

WORLD Yuan [divulgação]

In 2021, the Yuan Plus as a replacement for the previous model. The surname Plus was adopted so that both Yuans would continue in line. Some countries still sell the old model, but in China it has already been discontinued. In Brazil, we only have the Yuan Plus, which debuted here the brand’s new modular base made just for electric cars.

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