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Cala Vento breaking latest news + Austin TV in Bilbao (2024)

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Cala Vento breaking latest news + Austin TV in Bilbao (2024)

New full house at Kafe Antzokia, this time to welcome the Catalans Cala Ventowho arrived to present their magnificent latest work “Beautiful house”the album that has confirmed them as one of the great pop and rock bands of the state today, as evidenced by the massive attendance of the public at their gigs, at a time when competition is brutal, due to “overscheduling.” ” (blessed problem, what would that say…) that we are living everywhere, which sometimes forces us to choose between several good options.

But in this case, we had it very clear, since since they released “Beautiful house” – almost a year ago – we had been waiting for them to stop by. We are big fans of those from L’Empordà, what are we going to do? When we arrived, we were pleasantly surprised, since, at least I had no idea that there was going to be a support band of such a high level as Austin TV, a Mexican combo made up of five hooded men and women, who, through an instrumental rock close to metal, create enveloping atmospheres, with a bit of wildness but, at the same time, extremely comforting. Pure energy, in a gig of about 40 minutes, in which songs like ‘Shiva’, ‘Marduk’, ‘Of the Orchid and the Wasp’ or ‘The Panic Man’, among others, were played.

The band was dedicated and tremendously communicative with the audience, even slobbering a few phrases in Basque, which does them a lot of honor, and at a certain point in their mini performance, they had to ask people to enjoy the gig instead of chatting so much… someone had to say it. An extraordinary initial surprise that, although a priori, did not have much to do with the Cala Vento proposal, fit perfectly with an unprejudiced public that, however, was already eager for the arrival of the Catalans.

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So, after a brief pause to change the stage, and remove all the Austin TV paraphernalia, a thunderous ‘Never gonna give you up’ by Rick Astley played… and we are all very rockers, until they remind us that, in Musically, for better or worse, we are children of the 80s. The great song by the last great icon of British pop was, therefore, the sign that everything was already prepared to receive the great protagonists of the night: Cala Vento, or what is the same, Joan and Aleix…or Aleix and Joan, it doesn’t matter. Two great musicians capable of doing so much with so little. Without great artifices on stage, without even a curtain or a flag with the group’s name in the background, just with a guitar, a drum set, and two perfectly harmonized voices, they are capable of taking an audience dedicated to collective ecstasy. some great songs that, if they are already good on album, explode into an incendiary live performance.

‘More than satisfied’ kicked off a concert that had absolutely everything, and where Cala Vento They did a complete review of their latest work, although without forgetting their other great masterpiece, ‘Balanceo’, two albums that focused on Friday’s gig, although they also focused on older and equally essential songs such as ‘Isabella sang’, ‘Desert Island’ or ‘Without barely knowing each other’, among others.

Cala Vento They were very confident in all their records, going from such emphatic songs with a touch close to stoner like ‘Todo’ – where that rapped spoken part stands out – or ‘No hay siempre’, to the calmer pop of the already mentioned ‘Isabella sang ‘, ‘Without hardly knowing each other’, or ‘People like you’, a half-time where, curiously, the first pogo of the night took place, something that surprised even the musicians themselves, and which was repeated at various moments of the concert.

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But if something stands out in this band, it is the ability they have to make vocal harmonies work perfectly that, although they make it seem otherwise, are not at all simple, and that stand out, especially, in the more acoustic passages, in which Joan abandons the drums to sing with Aleix in an almost naked format songs such as ‘The importance of playing basketball’ or ‘Casa linda’, which represented the only stretch of truce in an overwhelming concert, in which they demonstrated that the popular proverb Sometimes it is very wise, like when it is said that “Less is more”, something that is evident in the Catalan duo, and that makes them a sure value live.

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