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Campaign to protect children on the Internet | MobIT

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Campaign to protect children on the Internet |  MobIT

“Let’s not close our eyes! Let’s protect children on the Internet” is a campaign that draws attention to the importance of the safety of our children and young people in the online world, and is implemented by the company m:tel together with Unicef ​​in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Blue Telephone.

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This year, the company m:tel, as part of its socially responsible operations, dedicated activities to raise awareness of the importance of education about the safety of children and young people in the online space.

This important topic should be a priority for both parents and teaching staff, as well as the entire social community.

All the more, because we live in a world of modern technologies that, as much as they open up countless opportunities for advancement, learning and communication, can also be a place that carries dangers and risks for the youngest, for their mental health and well-being.

Therefore, m:tel, as a technology company that is the leading provider of Internet services in BiH, offered its resources in the educational sense, but also in the software sense, to the community as ways of protection in the virtual space.

In addition to Sigurni Net, a platform for protection against inappropriate content for schools, as well as Sigurni Net services for its users, within the project under the slogan “Let’s not close our eyes!” Let’s protect children on the Internet”, m:tel started a large campaign of activities on education and discussions on this important topic.

In addition to community education activities through media channels of communication, this project also includes organizing meetings with distinguished experts in the field of child rights protection, technologies, as well as institutions that deal with issues in this field.

During April and May of this year, panel discussions with topics related to violence in the digital environment, methods of protection, services and programs for the prevention of violence and negative consequences of violence in the online world, children and the Internet in general, and the rules of use will be held throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina. of the Internet in terms of digital literacy.

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Since these are topics that should be of interest to all members of society, and since education and knowledge are the most important factors of protection, m:tel invites us to join this project collectively, as a community.

The first panel discussion is scheduled for April 17 in Sarajevo, followed by other cities in BiH – Mostar, Trebinje, Doboj, Bijeljina, Tuzla…

Find information about this project on the company’s official website m:telas well as on the company’s blog mtelblog.ba.

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