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Canadian flood victims increase to 4, local residents panic cheer

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Canadian flood victims increase to 4, local residents panic cheer

Hangzhou Net Release time: 2021-11-21 09:57

CCTV News Client News On November 20, local time, the chief forensic doctor of British Columbia, Canada confirmed that three more male bodies were found in a mudslide on Highway 99 near Lillooet. In addition to the female remains found on this section of the road before, the number of victims in the floods has increased to four.

The chief forensic doctor of British Columbia, Lisa Lapointe, pointed out in a written statement that in addition to the four victims, one person is still missing and is still being searched.

In addition, after the provincial government announced on the 19th that it would impose restrictions on only 30 liters of gasoline at a time in the disaster area, cars at gas stations in the disaster area lined up that night. Due to too many vehicles refueling, some gas stations’ storage The oil tank has been evacuated. Residents who refuel said that they are worried that there will be a shortage of gasoline supply in the future, so they are now filling up their fuel tanks for emergencies.

The Minister of Public Security of British Columbia, Mike Farnworth, urged people to choose public transportation as much as possible when going out and reduce self-driving.

As a large number of infrastructure including roads and railways were damaged in the floods, the province’s logistics were also restricted, and there were problems with the supply of daily necessities. In addition to gasoline, daily necessities including milk, vegetables, and fruits are difficult to transport into the disaster area in time. The governor of British Columbia, John Horgan, urged people not to stock up on the necessities of life. (Headquarters reporter Zhang Sen)

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