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Cancer sufferer: Henriette Bruusgaard breaks the silence with heartbreaking words: “afraid to die..”

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Cancer sufferer: Henriette Bruusgaard breaks the silence with heartbreaking words: “afraid to die..”

Henriette Bruusgaard, known as a presenter, has been open about her fight against breast cancer. She first shared the news of her diagnosis just before the New Year and has since used platforms such as the “Open Journal” podcast, led by influencers and doctor-couple Katarina Flatland and Harald Dobloug, to talk about her journey and treatment.

In a recent interview in the podcast gave Bruusgaard an update on how she has handled the challenging months of treatment. “I think it’s going really well, actually. But of course there are some setbacks during treatment where you realize that ‘shit, I’m going to chemotherapy. I have lost my hair. I have breast cancer’. They come from time to time, where I have a bit of a crying fit,” said an emotional Bruusgaard.

Her fear of the disease was heightened after a close friend died of breast cancer, which made her more vigilant about bodily changes. Despite early signs, it was some time before Bruusgaard visited the GP, which eventually led to a quick diagnosis.

“I was scared to death because I thought about my friend. In addition, they couldn’t tell me anything more than that I had breast cancer,” she explained about the moment the diagnosis was made. The sense of dread and anxiety filled her in the weeks that followed, as she waited for further tests to determine the extent of the cancer.

Despite the challenges, Bruusgaard received positive news a month and a half later; there was no spread and also no cancer in the lymph. She is now undergoing chemotherapy and is preparing for a breast operation in June.

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Towards the end of the podcast episode, Bruusgaard shared an important call: “Go to the doctor instead of thinking it’s nothing. Check once too many.” Her story emphasizes the importance of being aware of one’s own health and seeking medical help when necessary.

Recently, she posted an update on Instagram about how the treatment affects her emotional life, especially in relation to her children:

– “When you wipe a tear from the children’s drawings, you just notice that it starts to rain a little.

A while into the treatment, I can see light at the end of the tunnel, but I’m also a bit more emotionally worn out. I think that many who have experienced similar things will recognize themselves.

Anyway, greetings from our children are so nice, I probably get two every day – and they’re always just as cute💕

Children have different ways of reacting, and some have a need for care. (Not that I’m an expert on this)
My daughter takes this out by drawing and writing to me.

By the way, I think my children are doing very well, thanks in large part to the fact that I am upbeat and put up with a lot, the openness we have – and the children’s wonderful father who always stands up💕 (I hope he reads this, because he is not on social media)

Cheers to all of you who are going through something similar🫶💕”

Here you can see the post with the touching words.

We send her many hearts and strong hugs and the difficult time.
Thank you for showing all openness and showing such strength to everyone around you. Here you get all the hugs and love in the world from us.

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