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Captain Sabeltann, Per Christian Eggen

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Captain Sabeltann, Per Christian Eggen

It is Pål Christian Eggen who will take over as the character Captain Sabertooth after Kyrre Haugen Sydness gives up, says a press release.

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Eggen takes over the role after Haugen Sydness has completed 13 seasons of dark summer nights and cannon blasts in Dyreparken in Kristiansand.

Spent good time

Creator Terje Formoe and director Bjørn Sæter have spent a lot of time finding the right candidate for the big role of Captain Sabertooth.

– The role of Captain Sabertooth is very important to the public and fans from all over the country. It has therefore been important for us to spend time on the process so that we are sure that we have found the right candidate, says Terje Formoe and continues:

– Through our conversations, vocal session in the studio, Pål Christian’s personality and extensive experience as an actor, I have become convinced that he is our man. Now I have found peace and I am very much looking forward to seeing Captain Sabeltann himself go ashore in Kjuttaviga on 4 July, says a satisfied Terje Formoe.

He was one of the biggest Norwegian stars in the 90s and 2000s, and in the role of Captain Sabeltann he scared the wits out of many children. Now he has a new, big dream: – You have to open some doors before you can do something like that.

Almost two million tickets sold

Eggen is educated at the Statens teaterhøgskole and has taken part in several musicals, plays and television recordings. He is known from Trøndelag Theatre, the National Theater and the Norwegian Theatre, among others.

In 2011, he was nominated for the Hedda prize in the category for best male lead for the role of the wolf in Rock’n Roll Wolf, directed by Tyra Tønnesen, Trøndelag Theatre.

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In 2019-2021, Pål Christian Eggen played the main role as Peer Gynt himself at Gålå.

Since the first performance in 1990, 1,990,000 tickets have been sold for the evening performances with the popular captain.

In the summer, around 65,000 small and large audiences will once again sit in the amphitheater to see their “new” Captain Sabertooth.

Captain Sabertooth and the Secret of the Sea will be played in the period 4 July – 1 August in Dyreparken.

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