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Carnival 2024: The children’s parade in Trimbach

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Carnival 2024: The children’s parade in Trimbach

In Trimbach, a colorful and cheerful crowd celebrates the children’s parade – and is happy about donated cakes

On Thursday it was primarily the little ones who celebrated: a lively carnival crowd set off through Trimbach. Accompanied by three Guggen, the walk became a big party – and the weather also got better and better.

Joy in the eyes and confetti in the hair: That was the 2024 children’s carnival in Trimbach.

Image: André Albrecht

Despite the school holidays, a colorful and lively crowd of little carnival participants gathered in front of the Mühlematt schoolhouse in Trimbach on Thursday afternoon to take part in the parade. The Trimbach parents’ association organized the event with the masked ball that followed and was there with ten helpers.

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