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carousel interrupted and wounded horse

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carousel interrupted and wounded horse

Ascoli, 6 August 2023 – Moments of fear at the Giostra della Quintana in Ascoli: the demonstration was stopped (to then resume half an hour later) due to an accident involving the rider in the district of the Place it.

During the joust won by Lorenzo Melosso riding Magic Strike, which thus won the 18th Palio for the Sestiere della Porta Gemina, Nicholas Lionetti he crashed while facing the last corner at the end of the second of the three rounds of the tournament which is taking place in front of hundreds of people at Campo Squarcia. Little lions24 years old from Faenza, did not suffer serious consequences in the fall. He will still be subjected to investigations. More series the consequences at his cavallo, an English thoroughbred, who remained on the ground for a long time, rescued by veterinary doctors, with the public watching the scene dumbfounded. The ambulance has arrived inside the playground to transfer the horse to a veterinary clinic and evaluate its conditions.

Palios e Quintane I am dangerous manifestationseven for jockeys and riders, who put animal rights into the background”, is the comment of the International Organization for the Protection of Animals (Oipa) after the accident.

And immediately on social networks, several were unleashed controversy in defense of animalsgiven that it is the second episode in just two months.

During the trials of July quintainin Foligno, there was in fact a terrible accident: the mare by Massimo Gubbini fu struck down by a heart attack and the knight was very seriously wounded.

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“It’s time to turn the page: we are in the 21st century and we still have to witness these anachronistic spectacles that endanger human and animal lives”, also commented the president of OIPAMassimo Comparotto. “These tournaments are anachronistic competitions sometimes fatal to animals. For this reason, always we hope for its abolition. Tradition is not worth the life of a living being.”

As for the Palio of Siena, Oipa calls for the abolition of every Tournament, Giostra, Quintana that makes horses compete: too many dead and injured horses for these competitions. Tradition is not worth the life of a sentient being: find alternative ways for reenactments, and that are respectful of animals, now also protected by Article 9 of the Constitution.

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