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CASACOR SP 2023 presents ‘Casa Kraftizen Cosentino’ – MONDO MODA

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CASACOR SP 2023 presents ‘Casa Kraftizen Cosentino’ – MONDO MODA

The houses are immutable witnesses of the stories and memories that house them in their walls. From the aging bricks to the wear and tear of the paintwork, these houses are a reservoir of experiences that will never be forgotten. Even when time leaves deep marks, they remain firm as symbols of experiences rich in meaning. After all, time does not have the power to erase the memories that hang on the walls of houses.
Inspired by the theme of the 36th edition of CASACOR São Paulo, “BODY AND MORADA”, the Suite Arquitetos, by partners Carolina Mauro, Daniela Frugiuele and Filipe Troncon, signs an environment specially designed for the Cosentino brand. The space Cosentino Kraftizen House it is inspired by the houses built in rammed earth, which bear the marks of permanence on their walls.
With 200m², “Casa Kraftizen Cosentino” has a central volume in the environment that brings the rammed earth to earth, with nuances of paintings in earth tones. From it, the various layers, which reflect the memories of the house, appear in the compositions with travertine marble and in the artistic painting, portraying the dwelling that kept the memories of different inhabitants in moments that are gone.
Upon entering the space, we are guided by a color palette that emphasizes light and organic tones, also present in the furniture that was developed by the architects exclusively for the exhibition.

2023 CASACOR SP Suite Arquitetos @ Disclosure

The side table, produced with Dekton®️ Kraftizen Albarium and Umber, by Cosentino, consolidates the space’s proposal to honor and rescue memories, based on handcrafting. The Dekton®️ Kraftizen collection is a tribute to master craftsmen and the techniques they perfected over the centuries, in line with the technology present in the project, through the Dekton®️ Danae and Kira coatings. The sand tone of Dekton®️ Danae embraces gray cutouts of Dekton®️ Kira, forming an exclusive layout for Casa Cosentino.
Dekton®️ pieces are also present in the living, dining, bathroom and countertop areas, showing the versatility of stones and their infinite possibilities and applications. The environment floor is all executed with Dekton®️ Danae and Kira, the countertops in Dekton®️ Kira. The execution of the pieces was in charge of Top Mármores.
Another highlight of the project is the unique landscaping. A garden, which accompanies the central volume in mud, brings a set of flowers in shades that vary between the most earthy, purplish and wine.

“Houses are silent witnesses of passing time, guardians of stories that accumulate over the years. Like a blank canvas, they are filled with the marks of life, the scars that time and the many “homes” have left on their surfaces. We want people to look at this project and be able to perceive and feel the stories and memories of our house and even reflect on the houses themselves”, they complete”, explain Carolina, Daniela and Filipe.

CASACOR is anchored in the heart of São Paulo, in the iconic Conjunto Nacional, on Avenida Paulista, one of the most impressive architectural spots in the city, with more than 10,000 m² of built area. The show runs until August 6, 2023.

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