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Case Eitan Biran, the president of the juvenile court: “I return to Italy immediately executive based on the Hague Convention”

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“According to the Hague Convention, the decisions that are taken must be immediately enforceable and therefore the return of the child should be quick, in a short time, even if the other party has the possibility to challenge the decision”. This was explained by the Milan prosecutor Ciro Cascone regarding the sentence of the Israeli Court in the case of Eitan, clarifying however that “I cannot know if in Israeli legislation there are specific provisions on this point”, ie on the issue of immediate enforceability. of the sentence even in the event of its appeal.

Tragedy of the cable car, Eitan must return to Italy. The ruling of the Israeli court

by Sharon Nizza

“This is the decision I expected”, added Cascone, who clarified that in similar cases of decisions taken in Italy on the basis of the Hague Convention, the measures are immediately enforceable even if there is a possibility of appeal before the Cassation. “In any case, the sentence goes into effect immediately”, he continued. In recent days before the juvenile court of Milan, the proceeding connected to that of Tel Aviv was opened, that is the discussion on the appeal made by the maternal grandparents against the choice of the paternal aunt as guardian of the only child who survived the tragedy of the Mottarone cable car .

Milo Hasbani, president of the Jewish community of Milan, judges “a just sentiza” that issued by the Tel Aviv Family Court: “It also reflects the decisions of the Italian judge,” he told beraking latest news. “I had no doubts that Israeli justice would issue such a sentence.” Now for Hasbani to mend the rift between the families, as requested by the Tel Aviv court, “is absolutely necessary for the good of the child. As a Jewish community since May we have always made ourselves available to both families, without distinction. We have always spoken. with both families. We must resume relations also for the good of the boy “.

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Eitan case, the request of the maternal grandparents to the juvenile court: “We are here for the truth”. Hearing postponed to December

According to the president of the Jewish Community of Milan, the appeal announced by the paternal family who brought Eitan to Israel “could complicate things and relationships. We just have to hope that time will take its course and that a way will be found to carry on relationships” . And in order for the paternal family to continue to see the child, “the problems must be resolved” between the two families. And the Jewish community of Milan is ready to act as a bridge between the parties. “They never asked us – explains Hasbani – but if they did, the Jewish community is always available through the rabbinate and the president. What we can do to find a solution will certainly be done”.

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