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CBS meteorologist faints on live TV during weather forecast, video of illness

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CBS meteorologist faints on live TV during weather forecast, video of illness

Illness for Alissa Carlson Schwartz, CBS meteorologist who passed out on live TV during a connection. The video of the illness immediately made the rounds of social networks but the woman, who recovered quickly, reassured the fans: “I need to sleep and a pizza”.

And HIGHLANDS which took place on live TV, immediately alerted viewers of Kcal News, a broadcaster belonging to the CBS News network based in Los Angeles. During the 7 o’clock news broadcast on Saturday 18 March, the meteorologist Alissa Carlson Schwartz she felt ill moments into the connection. The video of the accident immediately made the rounds of social networks around the world. Carlson Schwartz had just gotten the line from his colleagues in the studio when she fell ill and collapsed on her desk.

The scare of the hosts Nichelle Medina and Rachel Kim

The footage of the incident shows the meteorologist as he slumps in the studio. Everything happens with such an impressive speed that the journalists are in the first positions Nichelle Medina and Rachel Kim, connected by the main studio, are unaware of what has happened. A few moments are enough to trigger the alarm. The connection with the studio used for weather forecasting is immediately obscured and the line returns to the studio. Meanwhile, Alissa Carlson Schwartz was promptly rescued and transported to the hospital.

Alissa Carlson Schwartz is fine, she has been released from the hospital

Considering the degree of alarm generated on social media and beyond, it was Alissa Carlson Schwartz herself who wanted to reassure her audience. After being released from the hospital after undergoing routine checkups, the woman returned to Instagram to update viewers on her health. “Thank you all for the well wishes as I am recovering from a head injury”, he let it be known, “I got out of the hospital and I’m fine. I need some sleep and some pizza”. In a second Instagram story, the woman explained that the illness could not be attributed to heart problems which she had discovered she was suffering from in 2014 and which, already four years ago, had caused an illness similar to the one that occurred a few hours ago in the midst of a live television broadcast.

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