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Ceasefire Talks in Gaza Fail to Achieve Breakthrough: Egyptian Official

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Egyptian official: No breakthrough in new round of ceasefire talks in Gaza

Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, March 6 (Xinhua) – Egyptian officials announced on the 5th that a latest round of ceasefire negotiations in the Gaza Strip, held in Cairo, failed to make any significant progress. Mediators are pushing for a ceasefire before Ramadan, which is less than a week away.

The negotiations commenced on the 3rd of this month with representatives from the Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas), the United States, Qatar, and Egypt taking part. Two Egyptian officials disclosed to an Associated Press reporter on the 5th that Hamas presented a proposal on the ceasefire draft at the end of the negotiations. The mediator is set to discuss Hamas’s proposal with the Israeli side in the coming days.

Reports from Israeli media suggested that Hamas had not provided Israel with a list of detainees who are still alive, resulting in Israel not sending representatives to participate in the talks. It is believed that Hamas currently holds around 130 individuals, with approximately 30 of them potentially deceased.

Osama Hamdan, a senior Hamas member, dismissed claims that the list issue was a significant factor in the negotiations, stating that Israel’s refusal to participate is merely an excuse.

On critical matters, there seems to be no sign of compromise from either Israel or Hamas. Hamdan restated Hamas’s demands for a permanent ceasefire, complete withdrawal of Israeli troops from the Gaza Strip, and the return of evacuated Gaza residents.

Israel, on the other hand, insists that it will not cease its military operations until Hamas is eliminated. Israeli government spokesman Avi Shiman declared on the 5th that Hamas needs to abandon its illusions and adhere to the track set by Israel.

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The current Palestinian-Israeli conflict has now spanned almost five months. The Hamas-Israel temporary peace lasted only a week in November last year.

In an attempt to facilitate peace between Israel and Hamas, the United States, Egypt, and Qatar have organized numerous negotiations since January this year to discuss a three-phase ceasefire plan and other issues. Both parties have refused to meet directly, with talks being passed between Egypt and Qatar. The most recent negotiation was held in Doha in late February, suggesting a likelier six-week temporary ceasefire agreement before Ramadan.

U.S. President Joseph Biden expressed hopes for a ceasefire deal by March 4, but as of the 5th, no concrete agreement has been reached. Biden urged Hamas to make the decision, emphasizing Israel’s cooperative stance and a need for a rational solution.

Hamas views the U.S. statements as a form of defense for Israel, with senior Hamas member Hamdan stating that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is unwilling to come to an agreement.

With the United States being Israel’s primary ally, the UN Security Council’s calls for a ceasefire have been vetoed by the U.S. four times during this conflict, leading to international disapproval.

The health department in the Gaza Strip reported on the 5th that more than 30,600 Palestinians have died and over 72,000 have been injured due to Israeli military operations in the region. In the last 24 hours, Israeli military actions have resulted in 97 Palestinian deaths.

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