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CEC poll on invalid ballots | Info

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CEC poll on invalid ballots |  Info

The Central Election Commission (CEC) of BiH is conducting an anonymous online survey on the topic of invalid ballots in order to gather more information and gain insight into the possible reasons why voters insert blank ballots or intentionally cancel them.

Source: Elman Omić, Anatolia

In elections where paper ballots are used, it is difficult to determine the reason why the voter made the ballot invalid, whether it was left unmarked /blank/ or in some other way, it was stated in the announcement of the CEC of BiH.

The statement points out that some of the reasons may be dissatisfaction with the available options, lack of information, insufficient knowledge of the voting method and conversion of valid ballots into invalid ones.

The anonymous online survey will last for 30 days.

On March 21, the CEC published the publication “Analysis of Invalid Ballots – General Elections 2022” which is available online at LINE.


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