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Celebrating the New Year of Reunion and wishing the family and the country safety- Comments- China Gongwang.com

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Original Title: Celebrating the Year of Reunion

Time flies, the seasons change, and it is the last day of the lunar year – New Year’s Eve. At this moment, the prelude to the new year has already played, the streets and alleys are decorated with lights and festoons, and the figures of supermarkets and supermarkets are shuttling. People who have been busy for a year are happily welcoming the arrival of the Year of the Rabbit.

“Continuing the Ming Dynasty reminds the candles to be drawn, and the New Year’s Eve is followed by the Long Banquet.” New Year’s Eve is a node for saying goodbye to the old and welcoming the new, and it is a time for thousands of families to reunite. Going home for the New Year is also the most unique sentiment among Chinese people. It is the most intense nostalgia lingering in everyone’s heart, and it is the constant watch of family affection at the end of the year and the beginning of the year. One year away, no matter how far the distance is, no matter how busy the work is, you must rush home on New Year’s Eve, have a lively New Year’s Eve dinner with your family, and this year will be considered complete.

In the past three years, affected by the epidemic, many people chose to “celebrate the New Year in situ” out of the consideration of protecting the safety and health of their families to the greatest extent, slowing down the pace of returning home and shelving many plans. Today, with the changes in the epidemic situation and the adjustment of prevention and control policies, the vision of “getting together sometimes” has finally come true, and the atmosphere of going home for the New Year is stronger than in previous years. Some people are looking forward to a harmonious family relationship, chatting with their parents about family affairs, and talking about their harvest and growth with friends; Go to temple fairs, invite friends and companions to see exhibitions. In any case, feeling the warmth of reunion in the flowing time will sweep away the exhaustion of the year and accumulate the strength for us to struggle forward.

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Celebrate the Year of Reunion, and wish the family and the country peace together. In traditional culture, the year is also a time node connecting the family and the country. When the family is reunited on New Year’s Eve, the family and the country pray for the safety of the mountains and rivers, which is also the common value of the Chinese people. Because in the emotional pedigree of the Chinese nation, there is little love and even more great love; the unity of the family and the country, and the unity of the family and the country are the cultural genes that are integrated into the blood. And after three years of the epidemic, we have a deeper understanding of reunion. The special years of sharing the same wind and rain also make the seemingly grand word “family and country” seem so real and close, and it also makes us cherish the emotional connection of the hometown and the country, and understand the invaluability of the country and the people. The home and the country resonate at the same frequency. Isn’t it a different flavor of the year?

Reunion is the strongest flavor of the New Year, but there are always people who cannot go to this “warmest promise”. The medical staff in white armor, the border guards and soldiers defending the country, the people’s police on patrol…they have different occupations, but they all guard the lights of thousands of families with perseverance and hard work. For their dedication and responsibility, let us sincerely say “Thank you!”

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“Celebrate the new year together, welcome and see off overnight.” Celebrate this Spring Festival, enjoy the joy of the festival, and welcome the new departure with the best attitude. I believe that our home, our hometown, and our country will definitely take more firm and powerful steps in the vibrant Chinese New Year. (Yuxin

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