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Cemento Mosso present their first self-titled visual album

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Cemento Mosso present their first self-titled visual album

The group is born Moss Cement, a new audiovisual organization that proposes a profound experimentation exercise on four levels -music, lyrics, voice and image-, and that is born from the union of three artists. they are Sokram (MC of God ke you Crewillustrator, muralist, curator… ), the Parisian producer coio and the visual artist AL Crego, pioneer of gif art and which has great international recognition. The three are in charge, respectively, of the voice and lyrics, of the musical aspect and of the graphic part. This is how the first work, which has the homonymous title, has emerged. “Moss Cement”. She also participated in the work Mou (producer and MC of God ke you Crew), who was in charge of mixing and mastering at Rapapoulo Studio.

The work consists of eleven songs and eleven video-creations, which can now be enjoyed on digital platforms and on the group’s YouTube channel, and in which they immerse us in a micro-universe to learn about the poetic ecosystem from which it feeds. : Moss Cement. In these songs they feed on organic sounds and deep 808 sub-bass, sequenced through complex rhythmic patterns, and in their lyrics they allude to diverse themes such as environmentalism, human relationships, love and hate, the music industry, technological alignment. and environmental collapse.

This release is accompanied by a presentation concert, which will take place on May 4 at the Sala Malatesta in Santiago de Compostela. A concert that will be a performative representation of the work, combining music, voice, light and video projections with which they will give life to their project. This presentation is included within “Genesis Club”the first in a series of eclectic events focused on the urban scene (sponsored by God ke you Crew), with which they seek to give light to new projects that are emerging in the most emerging music scene.

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