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Čenga about Andreana Čekić and mom Sonja | Entertainment

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Čenga about Andreana Čekić and mom Sonja |  Entertainment

Amer Čengić Čenga recently revealed that he is in a relationship with Andreane Čekić’s mother, with whom he now appeared at the promotion of a new song

Source: Instagram/andreanacekic

The couple in love posed for photojournalists with a smile on their faces, and this was the first time they appeared together at a public event.

“They were the first to hear the song and I got a big plus from them that it is a song that belongs to my style, especially from Andreana, who when she first heard the song said that it was me. Sanja is the general indicator of everything, that it is so should be”.

Chenga revealed to journalists which of the two criticizes him more, but also how he reacted when he met them:

Source: Kurir television

“Let me tell you, I turn on bad reviews more than good ones, because bad reviews have a good effect on me. They are both good critics, in every sense,” he said, adding that “he was confused when he first saw them.” met and that he wondered ‘who is the mother and who is the daughter here?'”.


Source: Kurir television

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