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Change in the Group Management of Swisscom

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Change in the Group Management of Swisscom

Change in the Group Management of Swisscom

Stefan Nünlistresponsible for corporate communications at Swisscom (CCO) for many years, he will leave his position on May 31, 2024. Myriam Käser, currently Chief Communication & Public Affairs Officer at Skyguide, will take up this position.

After having been responsible for corporate communications at Swisscom for more than 20 years, Stefan Nünlist will take on new roles within the Group with a slightly reduced level of employment, including the presidency of the Board of Directors of the Swisscom subsidiary Cablex SA. «I would like to thank Stefan for his tireless commitment to our company. Over the course of many years he has promoted, like no one else, the image of Swisscom towards the media, politicians and public opinion. Today, Swisscom is not only the most sustainable telecommunications company in the world, but also the third strongest brand overall. «We will miss his person and his skills within the Group Management», said the CEO Christoph Aeschlimann.

Like its predecessor, Myriam Käser will become a member of Swisscom’s Group Management. He will be responsible for internal and external communications, Sponsoring, Public Affairs, brand management and Corporate Responsibility at the leading Swiss provider of telecommunications and IT services.

The head of communications at Skyguide will take over this role from Swisscom

Myriam Käser will take over the role of CCO at Swisscom on 1 June 2024. For the past six years or so, she has held a similar position at the civil and military aviation security service provider Skyguide. «As head of communications, Myriam Käser influenced the positioning of two well-known Swiss companies and helped determine the associated change processes. I look forward to the opportunity to collaborate with Myriam at Swisscom Group Management level.”he has declared Christoph Aeschlimann.

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«Swisscom is an exceptionally strong brand that plays a crucial role in the digitalisation of Switzerland and beyond its borders. I am enthusiastic and ready to face the company’s next challenges together with many new colleagues”says the future head of corporate communications.

Nella photo Myriam Käser

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