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Charged with murder in Vardø

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Charged with murder in Vardø

Crime scene technicians at work after the stabbing. Photo: Bill Iversen / VG

John Tarald Haugen (63) is said to have told several people before he died that it was his wife who had stabbed him in the stomach.

Thursday 18 April at 21:46

This is revealed in a prison sentence from the Frostating Court of Appeal.

The prosecution had appealed the Frostating Court of Appeal’s decision to release the woman, but the Supreme Court rejected the appeal, wrote NRK yesterday.

The decision was decided by dissent In law, dissent is a disagreement between the judges about the outcome of the judgment., according to the court ruling.

The woman accused of killing her husband in Vardø in February has thus been released from custody.

The woman was produced for imprisonment in Trøndelag district court.

The woman’s defender, Jens Bernhard Herstad, tells NRK that the investigation is still ongoing, and that the woman will not be given access to the case documents.

Jens Bernhard Herstad


Denies criminal guilt

To VG, Herstad says that his client is aware that just before he died, Haugen should have designated her as the perpetrator.

– Beyond that, I have no comment, he writes in an email.

– How has she explained herself in the matter?

– My client has explained herself to the police and has contributed with the information she has. She maintains that she has nothing to do with his death. As far as I know, the police have not planned any new questioning of her, writes the defender.

– According to the ruling, a bloody knife was found near her. Do you have any comment on that?

– It appears from the order and my client is thus aware of this information, Herstad replies.

He says the woman is relieved to have been released.

Photo: Bill Iversen / VG

John Tarald Haugen was stabbed on 23 February 2024. He died of his injuries in hospital the following day. Haugen has previously worked as a doctor in Bergen and Oslo.

The man’s same-age spouse was initially charged with grievous bodily harm resulting in death. One week later, the charge was changed to murder.

According to iFinnmark the accused woman had large and visible bruises on her face when she appeared at the first detention meeting in February. She is said to have explained the injuries during questioning.

– Based on what she has explained, there was an argument before the incident, said police attorney Ylva Helen Kvikstad to iFinnmark.

– She has given a detailed explanation about what she can explain herself about. There is nothing that links her to the fact that he is dead, she does not plead guilty, Jens Bernhard Herstad, the accused woman’s defender, previously told VG.

The family marked

Anne Kroken is a solicitor for the deceased’s family. She informs VG that the accused woman was released because the Court of Appeal did not find that there was a risk of tampering with evidence or other grounds for further imprisonment.

– This has nothing to do with the grounds for suspicion. I have good contact with the police, and am confident that the investigation will continue in full. I feel confident that the prosecution will be able to clear up the case, says Kroken to VG.

– This is a sad case for the family, who are very affected. It is important to them that the investigation is still ongoing and that the charges are upheld.

The accused woman was sentenced in December 2022 for stabbing the same man. That time was he was not life-threateningly injured.

According to the verdict, which VG has seen, the woman at the time denied guilt.

The woman claimed she acted out of necessity, but was sentenced to prison for 90 days.

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