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Charlie Cunningham, critic of his album Frame (2023)

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Charlie Cunningham, critic of his album Frame (2023)

If we could all go back in time, to the worst moments of 2020, we would surely find versions of ourselves that we would not even recognize. And that is exactly what he has managed to capture Charlie Cunningham in his new job “Frame” (BMG, 23).

The Briton has put together a twelve-piece album in which he has not hesitated to include a multitude of themes, which is why we find compositions that talk about spiritual matters and there are others that even talk about anxiety about climate change. It is a list of those issues that most concerned the artist during the pandemic, in those moments in which we were able to stop and think about everything.

Although it is an amalgamation of themes, they all have a common element, melancholy. A feeling with which we can all feel represented by the forced longing that we develop in 2020 for those totally mundane things.

The truth is that Charlie manages to fully introduce us to his musical and intimate universe thanks to that very special way he has of playing the guitar, born from his concern for flamenco and his experience with more traditional pop, and the piano that reinforces most of his compositions. Although, in terms of sound, it is much calmer than his previous two works, giving meaning to that darker point that the lyrics contain.

That idea of ​​darkness is perceived from the beginning, in the lyrics of “Shame I Know”, and little by little, it penetrates the artist’s imagination through his next eight songs. And just when it seems that it is going to be a brittle and painful disc, it appears “End Of The Night” to show us that there is a light at the end of the tunnel, that after the storm, calm always comes. Although to conclude the LP he chooses the homonymous song to the name of the album. A kind of lullaby about those loves that, although they were intense, were not destined to last. A kind of farewell letter to all of them, with the shadows of everything that could have been and the light that he has finally let go.

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“Frame” It is the most introspective and leisurely record of Cunningham’s entire career. Something that can be a simple rara avis for the moment in which it was conceived, or a new aspect of the artist that has come to stay. Only time, and Charlie, will tell us.

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