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Chelsea Wolfe, crítica de She Reaches Out To… (2024)

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Chelsea Wolfe, crítica de She Reaches Out To… (2024)

Caught in a hurry, burning any product in tenths of a second, Chelsea Wolfe He offers us another way. If in his first recording efforts he polished a personality that still had cracks, always armed with gothic and dark environments, from “Birth Of Violence”, his 2019 album, has changed tactics. Somehow, she’s decided that it’s okay for her to stick her head out and, cautiously, see what’s moving out there. Breathe and observe to gain perspective. Chelsea Wolfe It is still hermetic and mysterious, but something has changed. Maybe it’s her determination. Yes in “Birth Of Violence” we heard a more polished and calm version of him (letting a voice with a more natural structure emerge), in “She Reaches Out To She Reaches Out To She” wins because it overwhelms. Her voice is obviously more present and in the foreground, harsh when the matter requires it, close to that of Beth Gibbons in a couple of cases (the amazing “Dusk” y “Tunnel Lights” are the proof) and, to the sound of murky electronic sounds (where have you hidden Trent Reznor?), in “Everything Turns Blue”. An album with which, after his metalcore adventures with Converge and the slasher soundtrack of “X”the Californian takes us from here to there, from the dream of “The Liminal” to the night mists of “Unseen World”.

The first song on the album, “Whispers In The Echo Chamber”, already gives us the keys to his current moment – ​​in which he has Dave Sitek from TV On The Radio on production –: muscular bass, intense voices and above all an obsessive search for the borders of his own universe, diving through the past, present and even the future. Straddling the industrial, but more direct and without duplicity, Chelsea Wolfe has recorded an album that will please her faithful, but that may mean a way of entry for those who did not yet have her on her radar. That is also called evolving.

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