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Chico Forti returns to Italy: who is the 65-year-old entrepreneur and former windsurfing champion sentenced to life imprisonment in Florida

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Chico Forti returns to Italy: who is the 65-year-old entrepreneur and former windsurfing champion sentenced to life imprisonment in Florida

From Washington to meet Joe Biden the announcement arrives at the White House Giorgia Meloni: “The authorization for the t has just been signedtransfer to Italy Of Chico Forti“. A short video published on social media by the Prime Minister makes the news regarding the Italian known sentenced to life for a homocide occurred in Florida in 1998 and 24 years in prison.

The transfer to the USA and the sentence – Enrico Forti, known as Chico, today has 65 years old. He was a windsurfing champion, TV producer, businessman and event organizer. Yes transfers in the early 1990s in the United States, where he met his wife Heather Cranemother of his three children. In the 2000 but he comes sentenced to life from the Florida court for the murder of the Australian Dale Pikewhose body was found on February 15, 1998 its one beach in Miami. The victim is the son of Anthony Pikefrom which Forti is purchasing the Pikes Hotel, a Ibiza. Forti is accused of being part of a felony murdera murder committed during the execution of another crime: the motive according to the accusation, it could be traced back to one fraud by Forti against Anthony Pike.

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Meloni announces Chico Forti’s transfer to Italy from the USA: “Authorization after 24 years of detention”

The murder – Anthony “Dale” Pike was killed with a cgunshot wound to the head. Pike had flown to the Florida city to discuss a proposed agreement between Forti and his father who had agreed to sell him a resort in Ibiza, which became famous during the 80s, when the Queen singer Freddie Mercury he celebrated his forty-first birthday there. According to the prosecution, Tony Pike suffered from dementia and Forti would have attempted to trick him. When cornered, Forti admitted to picking Pike up at the airport ma he always denied shooting him, claiming he left it at a restaurant. A key piece of evidence used to link Forti to the murder was the sand found in his car, a sand typical of the beach where the body was found.

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The battle to return to Italy – Chico Forti has always declared himself to be victim of a miscarriage of justice. For many years, various governments had been doing their utmost to have Forti returned to Italy to serve his life sentence. Various television programs have turned the spotlight on his case, including Hyenas. And his battle to return to Italy becomes media, political and diplomatic at the same time. The main political sponsors become Luigi Di Maio, Matteo Salvini and Meloni herself. At the end of 2020, then Foreign Minister Di Maio announced that the governor of Florida Ron DeSantis ha accepted with reservations Chico Forti’s request to avail himself of the benefits provided by the ECHR. But then the governor himself interrupts the procedure for transfer and the man remains in prison in Florida. THE prosecutors of Miami-Dade they were opposites to the transfer by asking guarantees that the prisoner actually served his sentencewithout reductions.

The OK to transfer – I family members of the victim and the Australian government said to each other agree with the decision to have Forti serve the remainder of his sentence in Italy and on Thursday Ryan NewmanDeSantis’ legal advisor, sent a letter to the US Department of Justice stating that Florida agreed to the transfer now because the federal authorities they stated that “it is in the national interest as advantageous for promoting the relationship between the governments of Italy and the United States“. So Forti will be able to return to Italy. “An extraordinary result of the Italian Government and diplomacy. Proud of our officials. In silence we continue to achieve important results”, commented the deputy prime minister and foreign minister on X Antonio Tajani. “It is excellent news, also the result of the government’s commitment and seriousness. Another promise kept”, underlined the other deputy prime minister and infrastructure minister Matteo Salvini. His family and Franco Ianeselli, mayor of Trento, his city, rejoice: “In recent years, being away from home has made Chico’s detention even harder. Now a new life begins for him, in his country, close to his loved ones. Finally the hope of many has become reality.”

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