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“Children dying of hunger”: the WHO alert for the “appalling” situation in northern Gaza – Univision

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Children in northern Gaza are facing a dire situation as the World Health Organization (WHO) issues an alert about the growing hunger crisis in the region. The ongoing conflict in Gaza, marked by Israeli attacks, has made it increasingly difficult for humanitarian aid to reach those in need.

The situation has been described as “horrible” by the WHO, with reports of children dying of hunger due to the lack of access to essential supplies. The United Nations and other international organizations have been calling for the urgent delivery of aid to Gaza to address the escalating crisis.

Despite calls for a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas, the conflict persists, further complicating efforts to provide assistance to those affected by the violence. The situation has prompted questions about why the UN was not able to guarantee humanitarian aid for the region, with some pointing to the need for greater international cooperation to address the crisis.

As the situation in Gaza continues to deteriorate, concerns are mounting about the impact on the most vulnerable populations, especially children who are bearing the brunt of the hunger crisis. The international community is being urged to step up efforts to provide much-needed support to those in need in Gaza and ensure that humanitarian aid reaches those who need it most.

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