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Children in Gaza over the age of 4 deserve to be starved – breaking news

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Children in Gaza over the age of 4 deserve to be starved – breaking news

Israel’s genocidal moral depravity keeps plunging into new depths.

On Tuesday, Israel’s Our public broadcaster ran a news program for “the 130th day of the war” hosted by the veteran Ayala Hasson. During the program, she interviewed former Mossad official Rami Igra, who had been head of the spy and assassination agency’s “Captive & Missing Division.”

Igra echoed President Isaac Herzog’s claim that there are “no uninvolved [civilians] in Gaza.” Igra emphasizes the point by saying “There is no such thing,” as Hasson disrupts him in agreement with an affirming “You’re right, you’re right.”

Igra then goes on to specify this genocidal axiom in a bizarre manner, exempting children below age four:

“In Gaza, everyone is involved. Everyone voted Hamas. Anyone over the age of four is a Hamas supporter. And our goal at the moment, and this is in continuation of what you said, is to turn them from Hamas supporters to Hamas dislikers.”

This unhinged, delusional message is coupled with a supposedly “humanitarian” approach:

“And the way is supplying the humanitarian aid, through us.”

So, this enlightened colonialist is saying that if Israel, rather than UNRWA (which Israel is harassing, tarnishing, and lobbying to defund), will be the supplier, then the Palestinians will learn to love Israel!

Within the Israeli genocide machine, everyone knows that the phrase “everyone is involved” means that everyone can be killed. Everyone knows that. So Hasson finds a need to moderate the message a bit, but she first points to her general agreement with the message:

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“OK, so look, regarding the uninvolved, every house in Gaza is a Hamas HQ, weapons, Al Aqsa, everything, all the signs are there.”

Hasson actually gives him that. This is not in question. “Every house in Gaza.”

But now, some liberalism:

“And still, how did you say, children from the age of zero to four? They are uninvolved – maybe when they grow up they will be [involved]. In the meantime, you cannot starve them – they are children, there’s nothing to do.”

So let’s just summarize this mind-boggling logic. Hasson understands that Igra is speaking about genocidal collective punishment – using starvation as a weapon of war – but argues that those under four should not be starved because “they are children.” Ergo, a toddler who hits age four, is no longer a child and, therefore, may now be starved.

“I agree with you,” Igra states

“This is in the interest of us all,” Hasson adds.

“It’s also against our interest,” Igra confirms.

“Yes, exactly,” Hasson concurs.

One could almost cry from emotion about the amazing consensus that these two liberals arrive at. They started from the mainstream view that all Gazans are fair game for genocide, but now they have managed to find common ground in a more nuanced view that children under the age of four should be considered children.

Israelis have no idea as to the depth of the moral abyss they have sunk. This is a genocidal culture that is so deprived that you can’t make it up, and they still believe they are on top of things. They are certainly on top of Palestinians right now, but they have completely lost it. And so have those who continue to support this abomination in the name of democracy and shared values.

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