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China-Cambodia “Golden Dragon-2023” joint exercise: Consolidate hard-core friendship and deepen military cooperation_Comprehensive_Drill_Both sides

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Original title: China-Cambodia “Golden Dragon-2023” joint exercise: Consolidate hardcore friendship and deepen military cooperation

Consolidate hard-core friendship and deepen military cooperation

——Summary of China-Cambodia “Golden Dragon-2023” Joint Exercise

Gao Yi Wang Shangjian Zhao Chao

On April 5, the China-Cambodia “Golden Dragon-2023” joint exercise was successfully concluded in Kampong Chhnang Province, Cambodia. Focusing closely on the theme of “major event security and humanitarian rescue operations”, the Chinese and Cambodian militaries jointly completed a drill of 23 subjects in three stages: adaptive training, command drill and comprehensive drill, which fully demonstrated the traditional friendship and joint strength of the two militaries. Mobility.

The “highlight” of this joint performance-the joint real-armed comprehensive exercise was launched at the Zonglie Lishan Gendarmerie Comprehensive Training Base in Cambodia. The comprehensive drill takes the security of major international sports events as the background, and the China-Cambodia joint security team starts operations in groups. Killing “terrorists”, escorting “key personnel” to evacuate, and emergency treatment of “wounded”… Each subject that is close to actual combat is a concrete manifestation of the deepening cooperation and close coordination between the Chinese and Cambodian militaries.

This year’s China-Cambodia “Golden Dragon” joint performance also set up a director’s department for the first time. By increasing the proportion of situational guidance and improvisational guidance, the two sides will be guided to participate in the military force planning and in-depth integration. During the deduction of the command post, the staff officers of both sides used the command information system to analyze the enemy’s situation, plot the map, etc., and the integrated guide screen in the hall displayed the specific content in real time.

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The joint command post determines the formation, deployment and tasks of the troops, conducts a comprehensive analysis using the database and command information system, and forms the final action plan to provide strong support for the joint real-troop comprehensive exercise. Major General Wei Jie, the commander of the Cambodian side, said: “The planning of the operation was very smooth. From the command process to the deployment of the operation, the two sides have formed a high degree of tacit understanding.”

This joint exercise is the fifth joint exercise of the “Golden Dragon” series of exercises between China and Cambodia, and it is also the largest exercise held by the two militaries. More than 3,000 troops from both sides participated in the exercise, and more than 1,000 pieces (sets) of various types of equipment were used.

During the joint exercise, the two sides carried out mixed training, organized equipment interoperability, and exchanged military training experience. “This exercise was organized and implemented from the three levels of joint formation, joint command, and joint operations, which effectively enhanced the joint command and coordinated operations capabilities of the Chinese and Cambodian militaries.” Chen Mintian, the Chinese chief director and deputy chief of staff of the Southern Theater Army, said, “The exercise During the battle, the officers and soldiers of the two armies demonstrated good technical and tactical qualities, excellent training levels, stable psychological quality and tenacious fighting spirit.”

In recent years, the cooperation between the two militaries of China and Cambodia has been continuously promoted, and strategic mutual trust has been continuously improved. “The holding of the ‘Golden Dragon’ joint exercise for the fifth time is of great significance for further consolidating the friendship between the two countries, improving the level of strategic cooperation between the two militaries, and jointly maintaining regional peace and stability.” Tang Sulimo, spokesman for the Cambodian Royal Army, said.

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Since 2016, the Chinese and Cambodian militaries have joined hands five times, constantly writing new chapters of cooperation and friendship. During the joint performance, Chinese and Cambodian officers and soldiers held a variety of cultural exchange activities such as tug-of-war competitions, football matches, and gala parties. The Chinese participating troops also carried out activities of donating medicines and cultural and sports items, and donated more than 4,200 items of more than 20 categories to local schools.

The joint exercise has built a good platform for exchanges and cooperation between the Chinese and Cambodian militaries, and made positive contributions to regional peace and stability. The two sides agreed that they should fully realize the practical significance of military exchanges and cooperation between the two countries, and further promote the institutionalization and normalization of joint military exercises between the two countries.

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