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China has accused British intelligence of espionage

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China has accused British intelligence of espionage

On Monday, the Chinese Ministry for State Security, which also deals with Chinese intelligence activities abroad, accused the United Kingdom of espionage: the accusations concern MI6, the United Kingdom’s foreign intelligence service, which according to Chinese ministry allegedly instructed the manager of a consultancy firm to enter China several times since 2015, collect information and recruit other spies. The alleged spy, currently known only by the name of Huang, would come from a “third country”, i.e. he would not be British or Chinese. The information passed by the alleged spy to MI6 concerns state secrets and intelligence information, again according to the Chinese ministry.

China’s accusations come at a time of tensions with Western intelligence services, which have been accused several times of espionage in recent years by China’s Ministry for State Security. On this basis in the last year the Chinese government he stiffened the rules on foreign consultancy firms operating in China, to prevent any sharing of confidential information. Western intelligence services, especially those of the United States, have also leveled accusations of espionage against China, which in recent years has made enormous investments in its intelligence activities, focusing heavily on the development of advanced technologies.

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