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China has repeatedly condemned that it was a big lie, the British government made a choice|British Government|Xinjiang|Genocide

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Original title: China has repeatedly condemned that is a big lie, the British government has made a choice!

  Opposed to the various proposals of the parliament, the British government refused to determine that there was “genocide” in Xinjiang and did not agree to ban the import of Xinjiang cotton

The British government recently rejected the proposal made by the country’s parliament to define the human rights situation in Xinjiang as “genocide,” and also disagrees with the ban on Xinjiang cotton imports, reiterating that relevant issues need to be submitted to international institutions for arbitration.

According to a report on the 15th on the British “Politics” website, the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Lower House of the British Parliament issued a report on the human rights situation in Xinjiang in July this year and made 36 recommendations.The committee recently announced the Johnson administration’s response that the authorities did not accept the parliament’s definition of the human rights situation in Xinjiang as “genocide” and opposed many of the proposals.

Johnson data map

According to reports,Suggestions opposed by the British government include banning the import of all Xinjiang cotton products that are alleged to involve “forced labor.”The British government stated that it currently has no plans to ban the import of related Chinese products, but it will work with international partners to ensure that the supply chain does not involve “forced labor.” The British government also stated that it will ensure that the “BuildBackBetterWorld” (BuildBackBetterWorld) infrastructure plan proposed by the Group of Seven (G7) meets international labor rights, environmental protection, transparency and other standards. “Rebuilding a Better World” was proposed during the Cornwall Summit of the Group of Seven in June this year, and it was seen as a new direction for Western countries to counter China’s “One Belt, One Road” initiative.

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In addition, the British government stated that it currently has no plans to open up a fast way to deal with political asylum for Uyghurs and other ethnic minorities in China. The British government “has not yet made any decision” regarding the proposal made by lawmakers to boycott the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics.

Tugendhat, chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Lower House of the British Parliament, said he was disappointed by the government’s response and said that he would continue to promote the above issues for the British government to accept.

  “The British government denies that there is genocide in Xinjiang and refuses to impose sanctions on China”Chris Devinhill-Ellis, the founder of the American Cooperative Management Consulting Company, wrote an article on the “Silk Road Briefing” on the 15th on the subject that the Xinjiang issue is being highly politicized. Some critics have called China’s treatment of Uighurs “genocide,” and called for sanctions in some harsh abuses against Beijing. But they did not fully consider the problems surrounding Xinjiang.

Ellis wrote, “I have been to Xinjiang many times, and I dare say that most Uyghurs are very peaceful. The problem is that there is (local) cross-border terrorism-it has to be said that this part is caused by the mistakes of the United States and NATO (including the United Kingdom) in handling the Afghanistan issue.The attitude of some members of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the British House of Commons is extremely one-sided, failing to take into account the situation China faces in Xinjiang. “There is no doubt that China’s crackdown on Xinjiang separatists is severe, and the results are obvious.

Xinjiang Cotton Information MapXinjiang Cotton Information Map

The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) reported that the British Parliament voted to pass a non-binding motion on April 22 this year. Following the United States, Canada, the Netherlands and Belgium, it has become another determination that China’s policy towards Uyghurs in Xinjiang constitutes the so-called “genocide”. “And “anti-humanity” Western parliaments. Although the motion is not binding, the British government does not need to take any actual action. However, local public opinion analysis believes that this will further affect the relationship between Britain and China and make the Conservative government face greater political pressure on its China policy.

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The spokesperson of the Chinese Embassy in the UK retorted the so-called motion passed by the British Parliament at that time. Some members of the lower house of the British Parliament clamored for the Xinjiang-related motion, ignored facts and common sense, deliberately smeared and attacked China, seriously violated international law and basic norms of international relations, and grossly interfered in China. In internal affairs, China firmly opposes this and strongly condemns it.

The spokesperson of my embassy emphasized,The so-called “genocide” by China against Uyghurs in Xinjiang is a big lie that violates international law and a great slander on Xinjiang’s development achievements and China’s Xinjiang-related policies.The determination of the crime of genocide needs to go through authoritative and strict legal procedures, and must withstand the test of facts and history. No country, organization or individual has the right and power to arbitrarily convict other countries as guilty of “genocide.” In international relations, no country can use this crime as a political label for eloquence and malicious manipulation.


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