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China Saturday in analysis: Aston Martin protest rejected

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China Saturday in analysis: Aston Martin protest rejected

3:45 p.m

Quitting time

Since we finally have a verdict and therefore an official result, we are closing our ticker for today at this point. In Shanghai it is now slowly approaching 10 p.m.

The race starts tomorrow at 9:00 a.m. CEST, and we’ll be there with a new ticker edition in time to get you in the right mood for the Grand Prix in China.

Have fun with ours now large video analysis and see you tomorrow!

3:36 p.m

More detailed justification

In making their decision, the race stewards specifically refer to the fact that there have been cases in the past in which cars stopped for a longer period of time but were then able to continue driving.

In none of these cases other teams would have had a problem with it, which is why there is no reason to act differently in the Sainz situation. What is crucial is that Sainz set off again without any outside help.

The official report on the FIA ​​monitor that Sainz had come to a standstill was also no reason for no longer allowing him to take part in qualifying. Here too, there was a comparable example in Canada in 2022 with Alexander Albon.

In short: Sainz can keep his seventh starting position and the result is official.

3:30 p.m


No wonder the decision took so long. The race stewards have sent a document that is 3 pages long in total. Essentially, the protest is rejected because Sainz was able to continue driving without outside help.

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You can find the complete FIA ​​document here!

3:25 p.m

Aston Martin protest rejected!

Aston Martin’s protest was rejected! More from us soon.

3:20 p.m

Sainz: On Saturday it’s “a little too much”

The Spaniard thinks the new sprint format is only marginally better this year. “Friday is better. Saturday is hectic, really hectic,” he emphasizes and explains that there may be room for improvement.

Because as a driver you do the sprint, then you have to fulfill your obligations to the media, you then drive straight into qualifying and then have to appear in front of the press again.

As a driver, you actually need “more time” between sessions, says Sainz, who explains: “In my opinion it’s a bit too much on Saturday.” You still need to do some “fine tuning” here.

By the way, it’s no different for us media than it is for the drivers. The workload and stress also increases for us if the sprint and qualifying take place on the same day.

3:08 p.m

“Painted” track: teams and Pirelli without warning

Neither the teams nor tire supplier Pirelli knew about the “painted” surface of the Shanghai race track before traveling to the Formula 1 race in China this weekend.

It turned out that it was actually a liquid bitumen treatment on the asphalt that had been applied last year to reduce wear on the old asphalt.

You can find out why it is a problem that teams and Pirelli were not informed about it here!

3:00 p.m

Almost five hours…

… have now passed since the end of qualifying. There is still no official final result because of the Aston Martin protest. Unfortunately, we can’t change it and have to continue to wait for a verdict from the race stewards.

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2:48 p.m

Rosberg criticizes Hamilton: “An excuse for me”

Speaking of Mercedes: Hamilton has to listen to criticism from his former Mercedes teammate Nico Rosberg for his mistake in Turn 14. “That was a mistake that a seven-time world champion shouldn’t normally make,” he said Sky.

“He was on a great lap. He was actually safe and he knows that the wind is coming from behind,” emphasizes Rosberg. But Hamilton braked too late and, according to Rosberg, “completely blew it”. His verdict: “That was really unfavorable.”

When asked about his ex-colleague’s criticism, Hamilton admits that the team was not at fault. “I think it wasn’t my best qualifying lap.”

You can find the complete statements from Rosberg and Hamilton here!

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