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China’s epidemic control and man-made disasters continue to “overturn” in a series of public opinions | Epidemic prevention and control | Chaos | Public grievances boil

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China’s epidemic control and man-made disasters continue to “overturn” in a series of public opinions | Epidemic prevention and control | Chaos | Public grievances boil

[The Epoch Times, April 24, 2022](The Epoch Times reporter Li Yun interviewed and reported) The epidemic prevention and control in many places in China has led to continuous man-made disasters, and people are struggling to live. People continue to vent their dissatisfaction with the CCP on the Internet, causing a series of “rollovers” in public opinion. Analysts believe that the CCP’s epidemic prevention measures are likely to become a chain that binds itself to death.

According to estimates by Nomura Securities, Japan’s largest securities company, nearly 400 million people in China were put under lockdown in mid-April, and dozens of cities were shut down.

As of the 24th, in Shanghai, with a population of 26 million, some communities have been closed for more than 50 days, and the secondary disasters brought about by the epidemic closure are still being staged.

Including the nurse who had an asthma attack and was rejected by the hospital, the violinist who jumped off the building with abdominal pain, and the young child who was killed by a fever… The exposed cases are considered to be just the tip of the iceberg of the tragedy suffered by the people of Shanghai.

At present, the Weibo account of “Shanghai Anti-epidemic Help” has been read more than 1.1 billion times, and someone posts a request for help every few minutes. In response to the boiling point of public grievances, the CCP has been tightening censorship and filtering out dissatisfied speech.

Netizens continue to find various ways to bypass the blockade and vent their dissatisfaction with the shortage of supplies caused by the closure of the city and the CCP regime. The latest incident occurred on the 22nd, a 6-minute short video “Four-minute video” reflecting the impact of the closure of Shanghai on residents. “Voice of the Moon” was deleted by the censors, sparking outrage across the Internet.

The author Raislin said that the short video is only a very objective and restrained record of the real situation in Shanghai. However, the video account posted by the original author was deleted, and the official account posted by the original author was also deleted.

As a result, the deletion has instead triggered a phenomenon-level spread of more blocking and more forwarding. Weibo Moments have never seen such exaggerated screen swiping. One person was deleted, and ten video numbers were relayed. Ten were deleted, and a thousand videos were relayed together. The video number cannot be sent out, and it is converted into a QR code. The QR code is blocked, and it is on the blockchain…

Although the CCP finally succeeded in blocking the short video, there have been a lot of criticisms on the CCP’s official media for “doing nothing and diverting conflicts” on social media.

What’s happening in China that scares the CCP

The British media “Guardian” reported on the 20th that Charlie Smith (a pseudonym), the founder of the censorship and monitoring website GreatFire.com, said that from the Jiangsu Iron Chain Women Incident in February, to the Ukraine war, to the closure of Shanghai, One after another, the CCP cannot fully censor these topics.

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“People have lost trust in the government, they don’t really believe what the government is saying,” he said. The CCP was worried and feared that if street protests broke out in different cities in China at the same time, it would challenge its rule. “I’m not sure if they thought about it, something like Things happen online, and it’s happening.”

The report analyzed that: On the one hand, the CCP regime constantly urged residents to exert so-called “positive energy”, on the other hand, it warned people to “shut up or face punishment”, and even sent drones to broadcast warnings, not only did not make Shanghai people more obedient, but instead leading to heightened tensions.

Lai Jianping, a master of international law from China University of Political Science and Law, told The Epoch Times that the CCP’s measures to prevent and control the epidemic have led to people’s hardship and resentment, especially the extreme closure of Shanghai, which has caused the people to fall into the predicament of starvation, panic, helplessness, and difficulty in walking. People in other epidemic areas also I feel the same way, so I can’t bear to vent my dissatisfaction on the Internet.

Lai Jianping believes, “I think it is difficult to see the possibility of easing the CCP’s campaign-style epidemic prevention measures in the future. Unless it really achieves the so-called clearing, otherwise, this epidemic prevention measures will continue forever. If it goes on, there will be more disasters, all kinds of complaints, and all kinds of struggles will emerge one after another.”

The series of public opinion “rollover” accidents encountered by the CCP’s official media

Complaints and criticisms about excessive epidemic prevention can be seen everywhere on Chinese social media. The CCP’s official media, however, continued their routine propaganda operations to divert conflicts. Netizens’ dissatisfaction has escalated since April 13.

On the same day, CCTV of the Communist Party of China launched the topic “The United States is the world‘s largest human rights deficit country” on Weibo, which was once pushed to the second place in the hot search list. But it was quickly occupied by angry netizens, who vented their dissatisfaction in the message area.

In the early morning of the 14th, the hot search on Weibo was withdrawn, and the official launched a full-scale topic ban. Then netizens flocked to the topic “People’s Daily talks about the past ten years of chasing dreams”, angrily criticizing the official ban on comments. Subsequently, the official Weibo account of People’s Daily also opened a review of comments.

At the same time, the topic of “many epidemic-related rumors found in Shanghai” initiated by the CCP’s official media has also become the scene of a rollover in the comment area. In the message area, netizens listed the tragic life of the people under the lockdown, women in chains, and other incidents that cracked down on freedom of speech and unfair rights, and criticized the CCP for transferring domestic social problems to the United States.

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In the early morning of April 15, netizens occupied at least 3 more official hot search topics, including “U.S. uses Ukrainian mental patients to conduct biological experiments”, “Zhao Lijian said that many ethnic minorities in the United States came to America with broken dreams” and so on.

Some netizens also dug up a series of past remarks made by the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs accusing the United States, implying that these criticisms are fully applicable to the Chinese Communist Party.

Among them, Zhao Lijian told foreign reporters at a press conference at the end of last year: “During the epidemic, living in China, you can just have fun.” “Stealing fun” has also become a hot word among mainland netizens mocking the CCP. However, words such as “stealing music” and “mingle music” were also banned.

(Screenshot of Weibo)

At the nucleic acid testing site in Shanghai, some people were carrying banners with Zhao Lijian’s profile picture and his remarks “secretly amused” mocking the authorities.

The Shanghai man carried Zhao Lijian’s head and made comments mocking the CCP. (Twitter image)

On April 16, topics related to the United States were no longer displayed on the Weibo hot search list.

However, netizens continue to criticize and ridicule the authorities, and use various hashtags to circumvent content censorship over Shanghai’s city closure policy in order to conduct free discussions and protests, resulting in the continued ban of a large number of new topics. Even the first line of the Chinese national anthem, “Rise, people who don’t want to be slaves,” was blocked.

(Screenshot of Weibo)

Dong Guangping, a democratic public welfare activist in mainland China, said that the CCP used this lyric to kidnap the people at the bottom to seize power. Now, some people use this lyric to express their dissatisfaction with the CCP at gatherings or online. This makes the CCP feel fearful, so it To be blocked.

Three articles documenting the plight of the people in Shanghai were also blocked

In addition, on April 14, three articles documenting the plight of the people in Shanghai went viral online.

Among them, the article “The tolerance of Shanghai people has reached the limit” details the various misfortunes of Shanghai people. Including young children sent to centralized isolation points alone; endless nucleic acid testing of the whole people. The medical system is shut down, critically ill patients are struggling to survive, and citizens are in a crisis of food shortages.

Another article “Dead in Shanghai” collected some lists of the deceased in Shanghai after the city was closed. The comment area of ​​the article instantly became the Shanghai Wailing Wall, and many Shanghai netizens added the death cases around them.

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There is also an article “Spring Loves You So Much”, which explains the tragic life of Shanghai people under the lockdown. The author believes that Shanghai’s severe lockdown is a mutated viral cultural revolution.

All three articles were blocked that day. On the afternoon of the 14th, residents of several communities in Pudong New Area directly broke through the blockade and took to the streets to protest. They protested against the authorities’ forcible requisition of residential houses and schools near the community to make makeshift hospitals. The authorities dispatched riot police to the scene to suppress.

Afterwards, people in Shanghai tied red letters on a white background “List of the dead”, “People are dying”, “This content cannot be viewed due to violation of regulations” and “Oppose unlimited closure of the city” on the tree trunks and traffic light poles on the street. Wait for the slogan, accusing the various tragic experiences of the people in this city.

(Twitter image)
(Twitter image)

Huang Ziyin, a free media person, analyzed the Epoch Times on the 23rd that the CCP’s clearing of the epidemic situation is more like a political farce. Instead of alleviating public grievances, it suppresses protesters, further banning speech, and even banning its own national anthem, which will shatter the The legitimacy of the CCP regime has accelerated the arrival of the end of the CCP.

Sheng Xue, a writer of Chinese origin in Canada, also believes that the CCP’s epidemic prevention measures are brutal and stupid. It does not consider the life and death of ordinary people at all, which may become a chain that binds them to death.

Sheng Xue’s analysis: “Now the common people can’t bear it any longer, and the people’s grievances are boiling up. Many common people are not afraid and have begun to take to the streets. They have begun to demand freedom. The CCP continues to block it now, and there may be It’s a big dilemma. If it doesn’t continue the lockdown, it’s worried that people will no longer accept its epidemic prevention and control measures.”

Sheng Xue said, “Many people in Shanghai are now shouting various slogans, and even the lyrics of the Chinese national anthem to express their desire for freedom and unwillingness to be enslaved. If there are enough regions and enough people in China to stand up at the same time , this turning point to change the CCP’s autocracy will come soon.”

She pointed out: “All major events in China today are under the close attention of the entire international community, and many far-sighted politicians have also seen through the violent rule of the CCP terrorist group. Then it may lead to the whole world. The international community strongly supports the Chinese people’s pursuit of freedom and democracy.”

Responsible editor: Sun Yun#

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