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China’s missile launch sparks international concern that Taiwanese live calmly as usual — Mandarin Homepage

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China’s missile launch sparks international concern that Taiwanese live calmly as usual — Mandarin Homepage

After the US House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi visited Taiwan, the CCP launched military exercises and launched missiles. Many countries, including the United States, Japan and Germany, were worried about the situation in the Taiwan Strait and loudly called for cooling down. Radio Free Asia interviewed a number of people in Taiwan. Most of them seemed calm and indifferent to the military exercise. The flights from Taiwan to Kinmen these days are full of passengers and tourists, so their lives are not affected.

After Pelosi left Taiwan, the People’s Liberation Army launched missiles for military exercises. After the Taiwan Strait crisis in 1996, China once again launched missile threats to Taiwan, causing regional tensions. Radio Free Asia interviewed a number of Taiwanese on the 6th, but found that the smell of war seems to be only in the news reports. People live as usual, and there is no sign of hoarding food and supplies. Phenomenon.

Kinmen, an outlying island in Taiwan, is only about two kilometers away from mainland China. Are you afraid of war? The tour guide surnamed King of Kinmen said: “Not at all”. Regarding the appearance of the People’s Liberation Army drone in Kinmen and the Taiwan military launching a flare to drive it away, he said: “This is fake news, what kind of drone, I think too much, people are holding parent-child activities during the summer vacation.”

Taiwanese tourists took a boat to Xiaoliuqiu on August 5. (Reuters)

Golden Gate Tour Guide: Tourists with multiple flights are hard to find

On the contrary, the tour guide surnamed Wang said that the media was creating tension. He said that in Kinmen, 80 to 90 percent of the people were crazy about sightseeing, and only 10 percent were talking about politics. When booking a room, one of the flights from Taipei and Taitung to Kinmen for sightseeing is hard to find. “It’s not a war zone. People are happy to travel with their children. The planes that come here are full. If you don’t believe me, go to Kinmen Airport.”

Mr. Tu, whose ancestral home is in China and retired from the military, went on a cross-strait tour of Kinmen and Xiamen according to the original plan. He shared his travel notes on the line of the circle of friends: “Arrived at Kinmen in the sound of wind and rain, and there was no shared plane to accompany the flight. Lirong and Huaxin Airlines were fully loaded. Everyone has ignored the struggle between the DPP and the Communist Party. This is their family. It’s okay for the little people to live their lives well. The high temperature in Kinmen is more than 30 degrees, and there are more tourists on the road than the residents. How many diners in Liangjin Beef Noodles and Shanxi Noodles restaurants know how many diners have to wait for a long time without making a reservation in advance. On the other side, Xiamen and Quanzhou are full of high-rise buildings with brilliant lights, just like the night Shanghai in the impression. Recalling the present and the past, people can’t help but sigh!”

Mr. Tu told this station: “There is no danger at all. I asked my classmates to check if the plane was grounded? As a result, the flight was full, and after the summer vacation, I wanted to go for a walk. Kinmen is full of people, so it’s not like a battlefield. “

Kinmen tourists: calm and calm, don’t scare yourself

Mr. Lu, who was in the same group, also said: “The news is misleading and it is very serious. Don’t scare yourself. It’s fine, the weather is calm, and you haven’t seen any drones disturbing the station. You can’t see it at all.” He also said, I was having lunch in Kinmen, and I saw how serious it was reported by China Television News. In fact, I felt quite safe in Kinmen, so don’t worry.

Taiwanese tourists took a boat to Xiaoliuqiu on August 5.  (Reuters)
Taiwanese tourists took a boat to Xiaoliuqiu on August 5. (Reuters)

Chinese state media released a photo showing a PLA frigate overlooking Taiwan, as if the PLA ship was approaching the coastline of Hualien. Taiwanese whale watcher Doloman Whale Watching said on Facebook, “Any movement at sea, even a frigate bird. We will all inform each other, and we haven’t seen the warship!” Another fisherman said, “Unless it is an invisible boat! I don’t know who is so serious about P pictures! Please don’t let the messy P pictures on the Internet affect our travel interest.”

The old man from other provinces who retreated to Taiwan with the civil war between the Kuomintang and the Communist Party: the virus is more terrible than the Communist Party

Mr. Zhang, 81, was born in China and fled to Taiwan with his parents during the Kuomintang-Communist war. Regarding the question of whether Taiwan is on the brink of war, he said that life has come to an end, there is nothing to be afraid of, and young people may be more worried.

Mr. Zhang said that he is already a Taiwanese, “Life is still the same, swimming in the morning and sleeping in the afternoon.” He smiled and said, “The horse runs, dances, and licenses play.” , friends are afraid to come to play at home, the virus is scarier than the Communist Party, if there is no case today, he died in three days? For an old man like me, the virus is scary!”

Miss He, who runs a snack bar in the central part, also said, “I’m not afraid.” “I’m paralyzed, paralyzed. It wasn’t since my father and grandpa that the mainland said that we wanted to unify Taiwan? I haven’t done much until now. Is there any difference?” Another netizen joked, “I heard that I’m in menopause since I was a child, so I’d have to fight a long time ago.”

Taiwanese people watch the flag raising and take photos at Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall in Taipei on August 6.  (Reuters)
Taiwanese people watch the flag raising and take photos at Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall in Taipei on August 6. (Reuters)

Foreigners are more nervous than Taiwanese when the CCP’s military exercises shoot missiles

Ms. He said that she did not save food or make any preparations for a possible war: “If you really want to fight, you will fight. Anyway, Taiwanese people are greedy for life and fear of death, and we are not afraid of it either. Some guests will say that it is true. If there is a fight, my sister-in-law is Vietnamese, and her relatives are afraid of a fight between Taiwan and the mainland, so they told us that if there is a fight, go to Vietnam and hide at their house.”

Why are people outside Taiwan more afraid of the CCP attacking Taiwan than Taiwanese? Ms. He believes that the news and propaganda war in mainland China is very strong: “I am very good at fighting this cognitive war. I think that information should be spent here.” “It’s been seventy years, and I’m not afraid.

She also said: “A lot of comments and information are chaotic, are they true or false? Taiwanese will be chaotic, and they will suffer more serious harm if they spread false information. We rely more on the opinions of the Kuomintang and are more inclined to the mainland, and advocate making peace with them. , The average local people think that the DPP is actually doing a good job, but the incumbents have been scolded miserably, and many people around us say that Tsai Ing-wen is a woman who is not suitable for president, because of this reason.”

The 27-year-old Mr. Lin was asked if he was afraid of a war between the two sides of the strait. He asked, “Why are you afraid? Then let the Chinese on both sides of the strait go to war. I’m not a Chinese.”

Taiwanese tourists take a group photo at the seaside of Xiaoliuqiu on August 5.  (Reuters)
Taiwanese tourists take a group photo at the seaside of Xiaoliuqiu on August 5. (Reuters)

Mr. Lin, who just returned from studying in Japan, said that his Japanese professor also asked him on the phone if Pelosi went to Taiwan, is it dangerous for Taiwan? He in turn comforted the teacher and said, “Taiwan is fine, don’t worry.”

Why do foreigners seem to be “poor and nervous”? Mr. Lin said: “I have never seen anything about Taiwan in foreign countries before. The media deliberately exaggerated it, including the international media. Taiwan is also doing big publicity. China and the United States are desperately doing propaganda. In fact, don’t military planes often circle around Taiwan? Encircling Taiwan? The CCP has long been able to develop the first island chain. The CCP has been invited to the joint military exercise in Hawaii before. This time it is an important event for the whole world to hype up. By the way, it will boost the support for the Democratic Party and Pelosi. It’s miserable, that’s the point, it looks like the Democrats are playing a big show with the CCP.”

Mr. Lin also said that the so-called CCP’s “literary attack and military intimidation” is just a show, and many Chinese netizens have the same view as him, and you can see the trend from the well-known Chinese online platform “Zhihu”. “A while ago on Zhihu, everyone desperately scolded the CCP and the government, but now they want to scold the military for reunification of Taiwan. When nationalism stirs up, it can completely shift the focus and relieve their official pressure.”

Taiwanese calm down on Qixi Festival, Father’s Day is still carnival

Li Jiabao, who went to Taiwan to study from China, also said that he was not nervous at all in Taiwan. Although military exercises are terrifying, many times China’s military exercises have had an impact on China’s interior, and there is no real threat to the outside world, or Said the time has not come yet.

On August 6, a swimming pool in Taipei was crowded with people.  (Photo by reporter Huang Chunmei)
On August 6, a swimming pool in Taipei was crowded with people. (Photo by reporter Huang Chunmei)

Li Jiabao observed that the daily life of Taiwanese is the same as usual, the work that should go to work, the work that should be done, and after get off work, they all talk about which restaurant to go to for dinner, where to go to have fun, Chinese Valentine’s Day, 88 Father’s Day According to it, all walks of life seem to have no impact.

Li Jiabao said: “My friends didn’t feel nervous at all. It seems a bit like the story of the wolf coming. The first time the wolf is coming, the second time the wolf is coming, and the third time the wolf is coming. At the same time, everyone will not think that the wolf is coming. The wolf may come, but it will not follow the logic of the side where the wolf came.”

Zhao Shaokang: Taiwan is really magical

Zhao Shaokang, a senior Taiwanese media person, also said on Facebook: “Taiwan is a magical place. The People’s Liberation Army has really surrounded Taiwan for live-fire exercises. The whole world thought that the People’s Liberation Army was about to attack, and even some foreign companies were about to evacuate their employees. Taiwan is still singing and dancing. Shengping, motionless and indifferent. The fishing boats in the southern seas were snapped up because too many people wanted to go out to sea to see the PLA warships. They said: They didn’t take pictures in 1996, so they must take pictures this time. When the whole world encounters such a situation, the stock market must collapse. Only Taiwan has not fallen, but has risen by more than 300 points yesterday.

Zhao Shaokang, a senior media person in Taiwan, is on Facebook.
Zhao Shaokang, a senior media person in Taiwan, is on Facebook.

Zhao Shaokang also said that there were no missiles in the Hanguang exercise recently, but the air-raid alarm sounded. Now four Dongfeng missiles have really flown over Taipei, and the Ministry of National Defense is silent. The restaurant was full of guests and there were no empty seats. I saw big talk and big meals, and no one was discussing the exercise. Washington would be surprised, and Beijing must be even more puzzled: what happened to the Taiwanese?

Radio Free Asia reporter Xia Xiaohua Taipei reporting editor Chen Meihua Xu Shuting Web editor Jing Ming

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