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China’s official explanation for pulmonary nodules caused by Kexing vaccine is also rumored to have been rumored to have leukemia and diabetes

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China’s official explanation for pulmonary nodules caused by Kexing vaccine is also rumored to have been rumored to have leukemia and diabetes

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Recently, it was widely rumored on the Internet that the Beijing Kexing vaccine suffered from lung nodules. The number of views of the relevant news exceeded 20 million within two hours, causing panic. The official denied it and pointed out that the rumors should not interfere with the overall situation of the epidemic. Previously, it was widely rumored that vaccinations such as Sinovac lead to diabetes and leukemia. The topic has been searched for more than 20 million on the entire Internet in more than two hours, but it was suddenly blocked, but keywords related to “Beijing Kexing”, “Kexing vaccine“, “Kexing vaccine report”, “Kexing vaccine pulmonary nodules” , the hot search still exceeds 8 million or even 40 million, and the cumulative number exceeds 100 million.

According to a report by the Central News Agency today, China‘s transmission of Kexing vaccine has suffered from lung nodules. The online platform “Wei Baixing Talks About Medical Reform” published an article on the 22nd, “Kexing is a hot search in the middle of the night, and the number of related topics has exceeded 100 million”, in which a collection of netizens claimed that after receiving the Beijing Kexing vaccine, they were found to suffer from pulmonary nodules after physical examination. ‘s complaint.

According to the article, recent Weibo posts in China complaining of pulmonary nodules after vaccination with Kexing’s vaccine are hashed with the hashtags “#科兴pulmonary nodules#” or “# Beijing Kexingpulmonary nodules#”. One of the netizens said, “I saw a lot of people have lung nodules after physical examination. So did a good friend of mine. I didn’t dare to have a physical examination at all, but I often coughed before falling asleep at night.”

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Some netizens pointed out: “I have been struggling for a long time, why did I suddenly have pulmonary nodules during the physical examination this year? Is this the original reason?”, “No wonder there are 5 pulmonary nodules in 7 people in our office”, “Although I don’t want to cause public opinion, but Several friends around me have either urticaria or pulmonary nodules in the past two or three months, and the two women who were examined for pulmonary nodules were not smokers.”

The news pointed out that when the hot search of this topic exceeded 20 million in more than two hours, it was suddenly blocked. “Lung nodules”, the hot search is still over 8 million or even 40 million, and the cumulative number is over 100 million.

The report quoted China Economic Daily as saying yesterday that many experts have refuted the rumor and said that from the perspective of immunity, inactivated vaccines are not associated with the risk of pulmonary nodules. The newspaper pointed out that pulmonary nodules have various etiologies, which are mainly divided into nodules caused by pathogens such as viruses, bacteria, mycoplasma, and fungi, and non-infectious nodules such as pneumoconiosis and tumor pulmonary nodules. The Sinovac vaccine is an inactivated vaccine. The development process has caused the virus to be fatal, lose the ability to reproduce and infect, and will not infect the lung tissue to produce nodules.

The newspaper also stated that the Sinovac vaccine was evaluated and approved by the World Health Organization. Pulmonary nodule risk was never mentioned in vaccine-related adverse events. Lung nodules will still be detected in a considerable proportion of people without vaccination every year. The detection rate of pulmonary nodules in normal people is generally between 20% and 40%, and can be as high as 70%.

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According to the Central News Agency, in May this year, an open letter from leukemia patients claiming to be from more than 30 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions in China circulated on the Chinese Internet, accusing them of contracting the disease after being vaccinated against the new crown vaccine. Thousands of cases were counted at that time. The vaccines vaccinated are mainly Sinovac, and the rest include Beijing Bio. In July of this year, Wei Baixing said that the medical reform also published an open letter “more than 1,000 children collectively type 1 diabetes, parents cry for help again!”, in which they accused the children of developing type 1 diabetes after being vaccinated with inactivated vaccines such as Sinovac and Beijing Bio. Diabetes, children have to inject insulin for life, and suffer physically and mentally.

However, medical experts deny that the above-mentioned problems are related to the administration of vaccines. Earlier, Hong Kong media quoted Xu Shuchang, a chair professor of the Department of Respiratory System at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, as saying that there is “no evidence” that the COVID-19 vaccine causes leukemia, and the two are “not related.” The Central News Agency said that the joint prevention and control mechanism of the State Council of China held a press conference on the safety and effectiveness of the domestically produced new crown vaccine in China. Experts emphasized at the meeting that vaccination against the new crown will not cause leukemia and diabetes. These are irresponsible and wrong remarks on the Internet.

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