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China’s “tsunami-style” infection actually relaxes the restrictions issued by many countries (Figure) New Crown | Variation | Entry and Exit | Travel |

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China’s “tsunami-style” infection actually relaxes the restrictions issued by many countries (Figure) New Crown | Variation | Entry and Exit | Travel |

The United States, Japan, South Korea and other countries have ordered comprehensive screening of passengers leaving China. (Image credit: Kevin Frayer/Getty Images)

[Look at China News on December 30, 2022](See Chinese reporter Cheng Fan compile and comprehensive report) At present, in the case of the rapid and large-scale spread of the new crown in mainland China, the official announced that there will be no restrictions on the exit of the country, which has once again triggered countries’ concerns about possible exports. Concerns about new mutants. At present, Japan, the United States and other countries have issued measures to restrict entry.

According to a Reuters report, the Beijing authorities announced on December 26 that starting from January 8, 2023, nucleic acid testing and centralized isolation measures for entry personnel will be cancelled, as long as a negative test result is obtained within 48 hours before departure. On the 27th, China‘s National Immigration Administration also stated that it will “orderly resume the acceptance and approval of ordinary passport applications for Chinese citizens traveling abroad or visiting friends” and other measures.

However, according to data from the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention, on December 26 and 27, there were 4,436 and 5,231 new confirmed cases of new coronavirus infection across the country, respectively. Of course, these figures are just the tip of the iceberg of actual daily new infections, which could be very bad.

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The information released on the website of the Hangzhou Municipal Health and Health Commission on the 26th shows that “the daily number of positive cases in Zhejiang has exceeded 1 million.” 2 million, and the peak period is expected to last for about a week.”

“Sichuan Daily” reported on the 28th that more than 60% of residents in Sichuan Province were infected with the new crown. “The infection rate of 158,506 respondents in 21 cities, prefectures, and 183 counties (districts, cities) in Sichuan was 63.52%, an increase of 16.59 percentage points from the first round of survey results (46.93%) on December 19.”

A Reuters reporter saw outside West China Hospital in Chengdu on the 27th that there were long queues at the emergency department and nearby fever clinics, and that most people brought by ambulances were on oxygen.

According to China News Weekly, Wang Guangfa, director of the Department of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine of Peking University First Hospital, said when talking about the epidemic in Beijing, “The peak of infection in this new coronavirus epidemic is not generally high, it is an epidemic tsunami.” He predicted that Beijing The peak of severe cases will be ushered in in the next 1 to 2 weeks.

China‘s attitude towards COVID-19 has taken a 369-degree turn, from an absolute insistence on “clearing” to an openness. Now that the relaxation of entry and exit has also aroused concerns in other countries around the world.

Italian officials pointed out that there were two flights from China on the 26th. Of the 92 passengers on the first flight, 35 were positive, or about 38%; the second flight carried a total of 120 people, and more than half of the passengers were infected. With COVID-19, 62 people were diagnosed, as high as 52%.

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Regarding this, Jiang Guanyu, an attending physician at Taipei United Hospital, exclaimed on Facebook, “The density is too great!”

On the 28th, Italian Minister of Health Orazio Schillaci requested that all airports across the country should conduct new crown tests for Chinese passengers starting immediately.

In order to avoid another global outbreak, the United States, Japan, South Korea and other countries have also ordered comprehensive screening of passengers coming out of China. Even North Korea’s Kim Jong-un also spread the “ruthless trick”.

Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida announced on the 27th that starting from December 30, passengers who have lived in China within 7 days will be subject to landing inspection when entering Japan. If tested positive, must be isolated for 7 days.

South Korea has included China in the list of “target inspection” countries, requiring passengers to be tested for the new coronavirus when their body temperature exceeds 37.3 degrees Celsius.

Not only that, the North Korean authorities have issued an order to temporarily ban Chinese citizens from entering the country. In addition, all recent arrivals, including North Korean citizens, will be quarantined for 30 days.

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) announced on the 29th that all passengers over the age of 2 from China, Hong Kong or Macau must present a 48-hour negative certificate before boarding. The new regulations took effect in the early hours of January 5, Eastern Time.

According to the “Guardian” report, the British government is also considering to follow up the policies of Japan and the United States.

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