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Chinese New Year of the Wooden Dragon: know the best rituals to welcome 2024

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Chinese New Year of the Wooden Dragon: know the best rituals to welcome 2024

The Chinese New Year of the Wooden Dragon will arrive on Saturday, February 10, 2024; This date will begin a new cycle of life and astrology, at AS México we tell you what are the best rituals to receive and attract positive energies.

Meaning of the Chinese New Year of the Wooden Dragon

In Asian culture, 2024 will welcome the year 4722, which will begin on February 10 and its festivities will last 15 consecutive days. Likewise, the traditional Lantern Festival will be organized in honor of the ancestors.

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Astrologer Ludovica Squirru details that the year of the Wood Dragon promises profound renewal and transformation, accompanied by positive energies, good fortune, vitality and entrepreneurship. Likewise, people born in the years 1928, 1940, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000, 2012 and 2024 will have a special impact on their lives due to the alignment of their sign.

What are the best rituals to receive the Chinese New Year 2024?

  • Decorations inside the home: The color red and gold will be appropriate for placing decorations inside the houses, since they represent the Dragon and are recommended for a deep physical and spiritual cleaning.
  • Door decorations: Warrior deities are perfect to place on doors as symbols of protection.
  • Deep cleaning: To welcome the new year, one of the main rituals recommended is to carry out a deep cleaning in the home, office and any common area in order to ward off bad energies and welcome a new balance.
  • Fireworks: Beyond a ritual, fireworks are a symbol that distinguishes the reception of the Chinese New Year; It is believed that Nian, a mythical beast from Chinese mythology, threatened the population, especially children, so it is thought that fireworks scared him.
  • Rice: In addition to being the main food for Chinese culture, it is also used to perform rituals such as putting it in water to clean the house and attract money and prosperity.
  • Rice: Put raw rice in a cup for 10 days from the beginning of the Chinese New Year, then light a white candle and use that rice for food.
  • Rice: Place raw rice next to seven coins, and put it in a space in the house or office; It is recommended to constantly move it around throughout the year.
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Who was Nian in Chinese mythology?

Chinese mythology explains that Nian is considered a beast that lived under the sea and that during spring came out of hiding to scare people, especially children. It is said that the “Chinese New Year” means “the passage of the beast” and to prevent it from attacking people, Chinese tradition dictates decorating with red, the presence of fireworks and lion dances that are very noisy to scare to the beast and that it does not come out of its hiding place.

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It is believed that Nian was a carnivorous monster with a huge head, horns and claws, and when it growled it could be heard throughout China. Furthermore, on the eve and beginning of the new year it used to devour people and livestock.

Legend has it that one day on New Year’s Eve a “beggar” came to a small town where everyone was fleeing to hide from Nian. He sought refuge in a house where they told him that he could only stay if he made Nian not commit destruction; Then the beast approached the house where the beggar was and he got angry when he saw red decorations, then he got scared when he heard explosions generated by bamboo branches.

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Finally the beggar left the house dressed in red, thus scaring Nian, who did not return. Since then, the color red and fireworks cannot be missing from Chinese New Year celebrations.

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