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Christian Ringnes, Birthday | Christian Ringnes with a magnificent Ukraine gift

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Christian Ringnes, Birthday |  Christian Ringnes with a magnificent Ukraine gift

EKEBERGRESTAURANTEN (Nettavisen): On Friday evening, billionaire Christian Ringnes has his grand 70th birthday party at the Ekeberg restaurant in Oslo. self.

Ringnes, who turns 70 on Sunday, owns the restaurant and has also spent over half a billion kroner on the sculpture park in the area where the restaurant is located.

Collected between NOK 15 and 20 million

On the way in to the big birthday celebration, he reveals to Nettavisen what his big birthday wish is.

– I wanted to contribute to Fritt Ukraina, which is an organization run by Conservative politician Peter Frølich. They have brought equipment worth many millions to Ukraine, and now they can bring equipment worth a couple of million more, he says on his way into the room.

Nettavisen knows that Ringnes and his network have contributed between NOK 15 and 20 million to “Free Ukraine”.

Peter Frølich (H) does not want to comment on an exact amount, but says it is a two-digit number of millions of kroner, which Ringnes and his network have collected over a period.

– It was touching to convey the news to the soldiers we support earlier today. This support makes a big difference to them. They feel that they are not fighting alone, says Frølich to Nettavisen.

Christian Ringnes’ daughter, Isabelle Ringnes, also reveals that she has made a contribution to the organisation.

– King by day, king by night

The 69-year-old is no stranger to a good party, and organizes a May 17 party at the Grand Hotel, where several of Norway’s most famous make an appearance every year.

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The celebrant himself reveals to Nettavisen that it will be a fun evening beyond.

– As usual, it will be quiet and calm. No, I think this will be really fun.

When asked how the 69-year-old is at a party, he turns to his wife:

– What do you usually say? I am king during the day and king at night, he says and laughs.

Revealed the surprise

The birthday celebration was actually planned as a surprise party, Nettavisen learns, but the 69-year-old smelled a fuse and revealed the big plans.

– It is not so easy to make a surprise out of something that can be seen so well from our home on Bygdøy. So I had a hunch something would happen.

– How did you find out?

– No, there was someone who cracked a little. For example, she on the side here, he says, referring to his wife.

Isabelle Ringnes, Christian’s daughter, is clear that she knows little about what awaits later in the evening.

– This is a surprise, so I know as little as you about what will happen, but it looks like a lot of fun, I don’t think he knows much about what will happen either, says the heavily pregnant 35-year-old.

Gave a personal gift

Visual artist Unni Askeland has known Ringnes since 2004 and reveals that she has followed a slightly different path than Ringnes’ own birthday wish.

– I know he wanted everyone to give to Ukraine, but I wanted to give something personally to him and something to Ukraine. So I have given him a book I have written and drawn in it, explains Askeland.

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– What do you think about the evening?

– I’m really looking forward to it and I’m excited to see who’s here. So Chreistian has meant an extremely great deal to me. For my art and things I have experienced. He is very good at giving.

Mia Gundersen also thinks Ringnes’ gift wish was nice.

– The world is in a big chaotic place and being able to contribute to something going to those who suffer. Completely in his heart and spirit.

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