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Christmas event turned into a tragedy car crashed into the parade with more than 20 casualties | Attack

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[Epoch Times November 22, 2021](Epoch Times reporter Chen Ting comprehensive report) The police chief of Waukesha, Wisconsin, USA stated that an SUV rushed into the local Christmas parade, causing More than 20 people were injured and at least one person was killed. Police Chief Dan. Dan Thompson said a “suspect” has been detained, adding that it is not yet known whether the incident is related to terrorism.

The video posted on the Internet showed that a RV rushed into the parade and knocked down more than 10 people. Another video shows that the police appeared to fire at the car when it crashed into a roadblock. A woman told Fox Channel 6 that the SUV that caused the accident crashed into a group of dancing women aged between 9 and 15. She said that there was silence at the beginning of the incident, and then some people started screaming, running away, and checking on the injured. Witnesses also told the ABC local sister station WISN TV that at least one person flew to the roof of the car after being hit.

The police said that the incident occurred shortly after 4:30 pm local time, and the police had found the suspected vehicle and there would be no further threats. Waukesha Police Chief Thompson told the media that “a red SUV crashed into a Christmas parade held in the city, causing more than 20 people to be injured.” He said that the relevant authorities have known the identities of the interested parties in this case, but declined to provide details. He said that with the assistance of ambulances, police cars, and relatives and friends driving by themselves, the injured were sent to hospital one after another.

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According to the Wall Street Journal, the parade in the afternoon was a local iconic Christmas celebration. Kelly, an intern reporter for a local media. Kaylee Staral (Kaylee Staral) was on the scene when the incident happened. She said that many of the family members came to the parade, and many of them brought very young children. She said that the incident happened about half an hour after the beginning of the parade. She suddenly heard screams and then saw a SUV rushing from the street. Stellar also said that she heard gunshots when the incident happened, and people who didn’t know what happened hid in the shops on the street.

WISN-TV also quoted witnesses as saying that a group called “Milwaukee Dancing Grannies” (Milwaukee Dancing Grannies) was also rammed. Witnesses said they saw the nurse running to help those who fell on the ground, but there were four people lying on the ground motionless. Waukesha is located 20 kilometers west of Milwaukee, the largest city in Wisconsin.

West Allis City Councillor Angelito, who is running for the Treasury Secretary of the State of Wisconsin. Angelito Tenorio said that when they saw the SUV rushing into the parade area, he was watching the parade with his family. “Then we heard a loud noise,” Tenorio said. “After that, we heard deafening cries and screams from the crowd and the parade. The crowd began to run, and they fled away with tears in their eyes. .”

Waukesha City Councillor Don Paul Browne told CNN that this incident was an incomprehensible tragedy. Before the incident, “the air was full of joy and holiday atmosphere”, but all this changed in an instant. According to media reports that there were children among the dead and injured, the Catholic District of Milwaukee said in a statement Sunday evening that many parishioners and children were injured, including students from parish schools and their pastors.

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When asked about the exact number of deaths, Waukesha Police Chief Thompson said at a press conference that night: “I don’t have an exact figure yet.” Fire Chief Steven. Howard (Steven Howard) said that firefighters sent 11 adults and 12 children to the hospital, but it is not clear how many people were injured in total. Mayor of Waukesha City Sean. Reilly (Shawn Reilly) said that he believes that the crisis has been resolved after the suspect was arrested and the vehicle involved in the accident was found.

It is not clear why the driver ran into the marching crowd. However, police chief Thompson confirmed that a police officer opened fire in an attempt to stop the suspect from rushing into the crowd. The police said that a vehicle believed to have caused the accident has been found, and a suspect has been arrested. The authorities are working to determine the identity of the deceased on Sunday evening, but will not release more information before notifying the family. Officials said that a more detailed investigation is underway. The White House stated that President Biden had been briefed on the incident that night.

A number of recent attacks have aroused widespread concern. In New York, in the early hours of Sunday (November 21), a 32-year-old man was assassinated on the subway for no reason. The police stated that preliminary investigations revealed that the unidentified assailant approached the victim and stabbed a knife into the man’s neck without any prior quarrel. The police said that after the terrible attack, the murderer left the subway No. 2 and quickly fled the Penn Station and fled in an unknown direction. ◇

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