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Citizens “fleeing” in Shanghai: Disaster brought about by the CCP | Shanghai City Lockdown | CCP Clearing Policy |

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Citizens “fleeing” in Shanghai: Disaster brought about by the CCP | Shanghai City Lockdown | CCP Clearing Policy |

[The Epoch Times, May 17, 2022](The Epoch Times reporters Lin Cenxin and Yi Ru interviewed and reported) The CCP has launched a campaign to prevent and clear the epidemic, and there has been a mighty wave of escape in Shanghai. Young people shouted, “We are the last.” generation”, reflecting the public’s fear and dissatisfaction with the disaster brought about by the CCP.

Shanghai escapes from the tide, and many communities have no hope of unblocking

Although the Shanghai government has promoted that the 15 districts have basically cleared the social aspect, starting from the 16th, the so-called “resumption of business and market resumption” will be gradually resumed. But for two consecutive days, multiple videos showed that more and more people fled Shanghai. Many people walked to Shanghai Hongqiao Station to take the high-speed rail, and the crowds stretched for several kilometers.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1KPDibvdR_YMr. Zhou, a resident of Shanghai, said that the control around Shanghai University in Baoshan District has begun to tighten again in the past two days. “And it took a big step. It said on the Internet that it would be unblocked immediately in the past two days. Why did we tighten it again, and asked us to go down to do nucleic acid in the middle of the night, and the nearby roads were blocked with barbed wire.”

The Paper reported that the number of trains stopping at Hongqiao Railway Station on the 16th and 17th increased to 12 in a single day, carrying more than 6,000 passengers per day. After two days, a total of about 13,000 people left Shanghai from Hongqiao Station.

According to the report, although the lockdown is gradually lifted, passengers are still required to check the same-day ticket, the nucleic acid negative certificate within 48 hours plus the antigen test report within 24 hours, or the nucleic acid negative certificate within 24 hours before entering the station. Only passengers who meet all the conditions are required. to enter the station.

At the station, there are people who use “escape the tide” to resell train tickets. The Shanghai Railway Public Security Department reported that 5 cases had been investigated and 6 suspects had been arrested. Among them, 2 train tickets were resold at a price of more than 2,200 yuan, and 7 train tickets were sold at a price of more than 3,500 yuan.

In addition, Shanghai University recently reported an epidemic, and in the early morning of the 13th, more than 1,000 students in two buildings were transferred to separate places for isolation. Neighboring communities have significantly tightened prevention and control measures. Mr. Zhou said, “Everyone said, don’t expect to be unblocked, you just wait, it seems that it will not be lifted this year.”

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A relative in his own family was ill, and she was not allowed to go out to the community for medical treatment, but she died at home, and her family was sent to a cabin and a hotel for isolation. I can’t go and have a look. I can’t. It’s okay to ask her children to collect the ashes after the epidemic is over. Is there such a thing in the world?”

Not only did the blockade intensify, but some videos of Dabai rushing into people’s homes to arrest and disinfect people, beating and arresting people at will, also aroused public anger. Mr. Zhou said, “Outsiders in white coats are very cruel to Shanghai people. They say, The Cultural Revolution saw such a scene, but now in the 21st century, it is horrifying to see such a thing.”

The CCP authorities have recently recruited so-called “legal struggle militia platoons” in various places, and the People’s Armed Forces Department of Jing’an District, Shanghai has also issued a “Notice on the formation of a basic street militia legal struggle platoon”.

Mr. Chen, a resident of Shanghai, said that the authorities planned to set up “military platoons for legal struggles” in various places. Whether the rule of law or struggle, he believed that they were all empty words, and the “militia platoons” were the key. He worries that today, half a century later, the “mass fighting against the masses” may repeat itself everywhere.

“This is our last generation” resonates with society

Last week, a video sparked a heated debate. A couple refused to be forcibly transported and were threatened by the police. “If you are punished by the public security, it will affect your three generations.” The man replied, “This is our last generation, thank you!”

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wCFN0de7HvwMr. Chen believes that, just like in the 1950s and 1960s, the CCP regarded the intellectuals before the establishment of the government as bourgeois intellectuals, and three generations’ schooling, employment, and future were affected. Now this young man says, “This is our The last generation”, this is the resistance and subversion of tyranny.

“People say, it’s just this generation, and there will be no more children in the future. This is more cruel than anything else. You (the CCP) can use weapons, or you can tear your teeth and mouth at the common people. The regime must end,” Mr Chen said.

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Current affairs commentator Wang He said, “The people who call out the ‘last generation’ are basically the post-80s, post-90s, and post-00s. During their education in the past, they were under the influence of the CCP’s powerful information monopoly, public opinion manipulation and indoctrination. , I may not have a clear understanding of the 1989’June 4th’, or even the unjust cases caused by the student movement and political movement, and the unprecedented persecution of Falun Gong.”

He said that these young people are currently in predicament. During the lockdown crisis, out of the instinct to survive, they are very disgusted with the actions of the authorities and resisted. This is the starting point for them to awaken. If you want to keep going, you must have a deep understanding of the nature of the CCP, and get real information by jumping over the wall.

Green wheat as feed for sale

Mr. Chen, a Shanghai citizen, said that recently, the CCP’s bureaucracy has been repeatedly and rebellious, and people are angry and angry. “The food is obviously going to be nervous. On the one hand, the authorities said that they would not be nervous, but on the other hand, they did not let the farmers go to the fields. Now the problem is exposed, and the farmers are in a hurry. If you don’t go to the ground, I will cut off the young crops, and everyone will starve to death.”

On May 15, Cixian County, Handan City, Hebei Province did not allow farmers to go to the fields for spring plowing, and did not issue “landing permits” on the grounds of “silence” throughout the county. Mr. Chen said, “Now the Russian-Ukrainian war, India, Russia, Ukraine, and Vietnam are not exporting grain, and the global grain price has risen exponentially. The government is still preventing people from going to the ground. Are you dizzy?”

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZwFZXakSb6sWang He said that China’s food crisis has a long history. In 2020, China’s food self-sufficiency rate will drop to 76.8%, and there may be a food shortage of 130 million tons in the next 2 to 3 years. Isn’t it absurd that farmers need to issue permits when they go to the fields?”

Wang He said that officials were afraid of losing their black gauze hats when they issued an order to prevent the epidemic. In order to prevent the epidemic, it had a devastating impact on the social economy and farmers’ spring ploughing. The essence of the CCP is consistent and has never changed.”

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Mr. Chen said that the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China also said that a moderately prosperous society will be built by 2020. What is the current situation? Recently, passports have been cut, no one is allowed to go abroad, no one is allowed to farm the land, and more people are required to live. The next thing is to live a tight life, and there is a food shortage. “Our generation may encounter this disaster.” .

Crazy analysis of the CCP’s doomsday: Quickly quit the CCP

Wang He emphasized that for the purpose of preventing the epidemic, the CCP has caused huge disasters to China’s economy and society. At the same time, it has built a border wall, strictly controlled people to go abroad, strengthened scientific and technological monitoring, and closed the city at any time. “It has multiple purposes, Including the worse situation of China’s economy in the future, separating the people in the name of epidemic prevention and avoiding mass resistance of the people.”

Wang He believes that these are all preparations for its doomsday, and the result is to turn China into a big cage, “If there is a real danger, we will all be destroyed and destroyed together. This is the bottom-line thinking of the CCP. This is the most terrifying thing, and it is very dangerous to develop this situation.”

Wang He suggested that the public should look for the real pulse of this era—the “three retreats” of withdrawing from the CCP. “Chinese people must recognize this reality, and only have to leave the CCP and withdraw from the CCP. Only then can there be a real way out.”

According to the Epoch Times Quit Party website, many people have recently quit the CCP organization. On May 7, a citizen under the pseudonym Wang Shao said, “The epidemic prevention has become a political movement. Just like the Great Leap Forward and the Cultural Revolution, it is the common people who suffer. I don’t know how long this disaster will last, and all this It’s all man-made disasters. I declare to quit the Young Pioneers and the Communist Youth League and be a clean Chinese.”

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