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Clima, Di Maio: “At school they called me ‘The Diplomatico’, never with a center-right headed by Salvini”

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“Never with a Salvini-led center-right”. Foreign Minister Di Maio categorically confirmed live, on “Today is another day” on Rai 1, his political line far from that of the leader of the League. “There is no political compatibility” were his words, after in his biography “A love called politics” he defined it as “A fake”. From Salvini to Draghi, Di Maio instead spent declarations that reward the Premier and his recognition as the political guide of this G20: “The reputation and leadership is witnessed by all the leaders, it is clear that now, with Germany without Merkel and with France in the vote, the countries look to Italy ». The figure, prestige and charisma of Prime Minister Mario Draghi were “fundamental” for the G20 negotiations and for the future. The Foreign Minister also spent a joke on his past and his role today: «The comrades asked me to be the representative of the institute. They called me “the diplomat” ».

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Climate and the G20: “We have achieved important milestones”
During his speech, Di Maio spoke about the G20 and the great attention paid by the leaders of the most important countries to climate change: “Climate is an issue not to be overlooked, at the G20 we brought over 80% of the economies to the table and we have decided not to increase the global temperature “in addition to having created” global taxation at 15% “and obtained” the commitment to plant one trillion trees by 2030 “. Space, among the achievements, also for the objective of «vaccinating 70% of the population. These issues are concerns of all families and we have made important steps ».

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The appeal on the climate, however, prevails and Di Maio recalled how “increasing the world temperature by 1.5 degrees, instead of 2 degrees, means – according to the data – 250 million fewer deaths and 200 million migrants in less”. A commitment that is involving the political efforts of all countries, with Prince Charles in the leading role from which Di Maio even snatched a smile: «We talked all the time about new technologies applied to the ecological transition. He seemed very passionate to me ».

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giampiero may

Vaccines and the economy: “We need to close the gap”
“Bridging the vaccination gap is essential to support economic recovery” Di Maio stressed this morning in his speech to the Ecam Council in Rome. «Equally important – he continued – is to strengthen the global healthcare architecture, with the World Health Organization at its center. The Rome Declaration, adopted last May by the Global Health Summit, helped to outline this path. The possible definition of a multilateral treaty on pandemic preparation, with the aim of strengthening the existing regulatory system, is also inspired by the principles and commitments enshrined in the Declaration ”.

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According to the head of the Farnesina, “the steps taken, the result of the experience acquired in the fight against Covid-19, should not be dispersed, but assimilated into new models of international cooperation that will make the world safe from future pandemics, taking into account in the first place the needs of the most vulnerable “. On the subject of Covid live on Rai, he also spoke about the importance of the Green Pass: “There are cities with a low percentage of vaccinated people who are declaring a curfew, or we go ahead with the Green Pass or go back to the curfew, we decide to close everything and return to zero growth: we lost a million jobs during the pandemic, so we are not playing with green certification ».

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