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CMAT, review of their album Crazymad, For Me (2023)

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CMAT, review of their album Crazymad, For Me (2023)

Almost two years have passed since the release of Ciara Mary-Alice Thompson’s debut album, that is CMAT, and it seems that his proposal has been tempered for better and worse. Yes in “If My Wife New I’d Be Dead”, The Irishwoman exploited her most cartoonish side, combining her peculiar sense of humor with a musical packaging based on country-pop, now her tone has become much more serious and bombastic.

A conceptual seriousness based – of course – on a love breakup that, however, has not renounced its theatrical gifts with a certain comedic edge. You just have to watch the clip for “California” to see that, on this second album, CMAT It is closer to the staging that Kevin Rowland creates with his Dexys, than to the Yankee imagery of Kacey Musgraves or Taylor Swift.

So “Crazymad, For Me” It is an album that is so high all the time and that appears so torn and excessive that, for more than one person, it can become a ball. At times it is so bombastic that it is exhausting. And the voice of CMAT, which seems obliged to always be at the top of the score and whose tonal peculiarity ends up becoming a double-sided gift: you appreciate its difference, but it scratches you until you say enough is enough.

Nevertheless, “Crazymad, For Me” It is an album that will gain very loyal followers to the cause of CMAT. And he will do it because his work, in addition to being different, sends a very powerful message to many people who are equally misplaced in this world of curvilinear perfection in which we live. Ciara Mary-Alice Thompson is an anti-diva capable of showing her weaknesses and highlighting them. Something similar to what happens with Jimena Amarillo or Marcelo Criminal in Spain. It’s not for everyone, but if you connect with it, you’ll love it to the core.

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