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CMJP and Women’s Secretariat meet to define a special session in reference to International Women’s Day

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CMJP and Women’s Secretariat meet to define a special session in reference to International Women’s Day

Proposed by President Dinho (Avante), the session will take place on the 11th, at 2pm, in the Plenary of Senador Humberto Lucena

The João Pessoa City Council (CMJP), in partnership with the Secretariat of Public Policies for Women, will hold, on the 11th, at 2pm, a special session alluding to International Women’s Day, at the Senador Humberto Lucena Plenary. On Monday morning (26), a meeting took place with representatives of the Legislative House ceremonial, the office of President Dinho (Avante), author of the proposal, and the Women’s Secretariat, to discuss the session. The occasion will feature artistic presentations by women, the presence and speeches of authorities and the presentation of diplomas and honors.

Nena Martins, Secretary of Public Policies for Women, recalled that this is the third consecutive year that she has suggested holding a special session in honor of International Women’s Day at the City Council. “It is a way of honoring women, of making an assessment of public policy actions aimed at them and of empowerment. So, I would like to congratulate President Dinho and the entire City Council bench for allowing a session like this to be held,” she stated.

Suleya Medeiros, technical advisor to the Directorate for Combating Violence against Women at the Secretariat of Public Policies for Women, added: “It is always important to have moments like this, which value female empowerment when it comes to women’s struggles. This is a constant struggle. We understand that we have already made a lot of progress from a legal perspective, but there is still much more to advance, especially with regard to combating violence against women. A moment like this is very important for us to welcome authorities and also to publicize these women’s rights.”

President Dinho highlighted: “The date is important not only to exalt the female figure. There needs to be discussions on topics such as guaranteeing rights and combating violence against women. Debates that should not only be held on International Women’s Day, but that should have repercussions throughout the entire year.”

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Dinho is also the author of other laws related to women’s rights and safety, such as Law 14,210, of 2021, which establishes November 21st as the Thematic Day of Awareness and Combating Femicide in public and private schools in João Pessoa. The measure is intended to raise awareness among young people and adolescents in schools in the Capital of the need to confront and combat feminicide, forming aware citizens capable of reporting cases of violence.

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