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Commentator of Guangming.com: The boundary of balance between sports and technology is the fairness and justice of events_Guangming.com

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Commentator of Guangming.com: The boundary of balance between sports and technology is the fairness and justice of events_Guangming.com

[Reading Tips]The “semi-automatic offside recognition” system has blown away two goals for Argentina. What kind of technology is this?

Guangming.com commentator:The World Cup in Qatar is in full swing, and the black technology used in the World Cup has also attracted attention because it “changed” the result of the game. In the opening game of this World Cup, the Argentine team lost 1-2 to the Saudi Arabian team. An important reason for this result is that the semi-automatic offside technology (SAOT) was used in the World Cup to intervene in the game penalty. 7 offsides were ruled out throughout the game, resulting in 3 goals being disallowed.

It is often said that technology changes life, but when technology changes the results of sports events, or changes people’s usual perception of sports events, people’s tolerance and acceptance of new technologies will be greatly reduced at this time. Just like the opening game of this World Cup, some fans rejected the new technology because of the loss, and some fans were dissatisfied with it because the new technology affected the fluency and enjoyment of the game. However, it can be seen from the changes in various large-scale competitions around the world in recent years that the introduction of various new technologies will be the general trend. Therefore, what kind of balance boundary will be maintained in the relationship between sports and technology is once again a question before people.

In fact, the balanced boundaries maintained by sports and technology are closely related to ensuring the fairness and justice of sports. The introduction of various high technologies in the refereeing process of sports events can help referees judge the results of the game more accurately. With the increasing competitive strength of professional athletes, it has become difficult for human beings to make accurate judgments on many events with the naked eye. It is an inevitable choice to use the power of science and technology to ensure fair competition without restricting athletes from performing at a high level. From this point of view, in the face of high-tech intervention that leads to poor viewing of various events and even changes in events, it is everyone, including referees and athletes, that needs to adapt, rather than giving up high-tech help because of choking. Precise fairness.

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Prior to this, it was not uncommon for technology to change the outcome of sports competitions. In the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, American star Phelps won 8 gold medals in the “shark skin” swimsuit and shocked the world. In the first 10 years of 2010, the high-tech swimsuit represented by the “shark skin” swimsuit quickly refreshed a Another swimming world record, and was banned by FINA in 2010 because of the extremely high price of use, which formed a substantial unfair competition. In a sense, excessive use of technological power is like doping in violation of regulations, which makes the game unfair, and at the same time cannot allow athletes to truly touch the human threshold of a sport. Breaking through the self and pursuing the limit is a kind of charm brought by sports, and it is also the essence of sports that will last forever. Excessive use of technology is obviously against the original intention, but this is not because sports say “no” to technology, but to ensure the fairness of sports just.

With the rapid development of science and technology, any sports may realize more unknown possibilities with the help of technology, which also means that the advanced technology of supervising and refereeing games must be at the forefront. That being the case, when existing technology can help the game be more fair, it might as well try to accept it.

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