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Communal officials in Serbia write fines for too loud relations | Info

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Communal officials in Serbia write fines for too loud relations |  Info

Loud relations are punishable in Serbia and can cost you a lot.

Source: MONDO/Stefan Stojanovć

In recent days, videos and complaints of citizens whose neighbors are making love too loudly have been appearing on social networks more and more often. In this way, apparently, the citizens of Belgrade deal with their noisy neighbors. What you should keep in mind is that enjoying sex too loudly can cost you 5,000 dinars.

However, when you see what the procedures are for reporting such noisy and passionate neighbors, the most likely scenario is that you will simply wait for everything to pass and quiet down. President of the Association of Professional Building Managers, Ljubiša Banovacki for Nova.rs explains that public order and peace are violated if the noise produced by making love exceeds 30 decibels.

So, the same is the case with any other type of noise. “If the noise is greater than 30 decibels, a municipal police officer comes and determines on the spot and measures the noise, then it is a violation of public order and peace,” says Banovacki. However, the problem disappears when the loud love-making ends before the militiamen arrive. “By the time the communal inspection comes, by the time they measure it, the act itself is over and the tenants must be tolerant. As a manager, no one has reported this to me in five years,” says Banovacki.

The interlocutor of Nova.rs states that renovating an apartment, drilling holes, driving a scooter around the apartment, and the like are a much bigger problem than making love out loud.

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Noise control started last year in Belgrade, by which it is measured

Rajko Šekularac, head of the internal control sector of the Municipal Militia, told RTS earlier that it will measure the noise with a special device and that during the day – the noise coming from catering establishments – should not exceed 60 decibels. Šekularac explained in more detail that the noise will be measured with an accredited and sophisticated device from a renowned Danish manufacturer.

“The method of measurement is determined by the Decision on the method of noise measurement, where noise will be measured from reference points and places in front of buildings. The municipal militia will act in relation to violations. Either they will issue a misdemeanor order or warn the person, but there will also be the most drastic measures – temporary confiscation of noise emitters, mixers, etc. Or they will initiate a ban on the activity of a certain facility at the inspection,” Šekularac said at the time and added that “the basic prerequisite is the acoustic zoning of the city.”


02:24 HERE IS THE PUNISHMENT FOR THOSE WHO BREAK THE CURSOR LIMIT! The lawyer revealed how a victim should react when meeting a bully Source: Kurir television

Source: Kurir television


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